Your Pet Will Thank You: Shed Ninja Dog Brush Review

My dog hates to be brushed, almost as much as he hates baths. In fact, he’s kind of a feisty little thing, so after several failed attempts of baths and brushings, I kind of just gave up altogether and started forking out the money for a not-so-cheap groomer. Unfortunately this can be very costly, especially if you can’t even get your dog brushed once a week. Lord knows, living with a border collie, especially this time of year, that when you can’t brush him, your house will pay for it! My house gets vacuumed several times a week, and yet when I open the back door to let the dog out, and the warm summer breeze comes rushing in, I look down to the floor, and to my horror,  see dog hair tumbleweeds blowing across my entryway!

You can vacuum all you want I soon figured out, but if you can’t brush your dog, especially when he is as hairy as my dog, you’ve got problems! Your house unfortunately, is just going to ALWAYS be covered in hair, no matter what you do! Which you can bet, Lucky’s bad attitude about letting me brush him as also resulted in not being let on the furniture too! Yeah sorry dog, cleaning up your gobs of black and gray hair in every corner of my house and under furniture is bad enough, no way I’m letting that mess pile up on my couch too!

Well, I’m so excited to share with you an awesome solution I’ve found for the hairy, won’t-let you brush-him, pet problem! The Shed Ninja! Not only does this amazing double-sided brush really get the gobs of fur out, but it’s also super gentle on your dog too! So gentle, that to my Happy Surprise, Lucky actually let me brush him! Not only that, he almost seemed to like it! In fact, the first time my husband brushed him with the Shed Ninja, he started running and hovering down, “No, don’t brush me! I hate being brushed!” But once he got a few strokes, he realized that this brush is much more comfortable and soothing then past brushes his unknowingly, ignorant people have used on him in the past! Through the brushing with the Shed Ninja, Lucky seemed to relax and not fight it- which believe me, is a first!

How it works, is that it gently reaches up under the topcoat, removing the undercoat and loose fur. You don’t have to worry about it hurting your pet either. It has no sharp blades, and it will not damage your baby’s skin either.

The last time I brushed Lucky, he actually rolled over for me, like “Here, please get my other side!” I was like, “What?! That’s a first!” My dog totally seems to enjoy his brushing now! What is also really awesome about this fab dog brush, is that it de-sheds so well, that it only take a few minutes to get a good brushing in too! It actually pulls out a whopping 90% of dead and loose hair, while also increasing blood circulation, giving your pet a nice massage too. No Wonder Lucky seems to like it!

I was completely amazed with how much hair it really pulls out. It has 2 sides, a stainless steel pin bristles brush that works great for de-matting hair and getting rid of the tangles, and a soft nylon bristle brush, used to smooth out the coat. Anytime I’ve used a steel pin bristles type of brush on poor Lucky, it wouldn’t even make it through his fur, it would get stuck within seconds, and I could tell it was painful. The Shed Ninja glided right through his hair, and de-shedded out a bunch of hair in the process! I found this especially helpful around his tail and hind legs, where his hair seems to get matted the worst and is almost always in the worst kind of tangles. This brush glided right through them, smoothing out the tangles, and leaving his coat nice, soft, and fluffy. I then moved over to the other side of the brush, which his a soft nylon bristle brush. This side also glided through his fur just as easily and I was really amazed with how much hair this side would de-shed. Within only a minute of brushing, I would have huge gobs of fur!

This brush also has a nice flex to it too, which you can see in the picture below, making it super easy to move around the spots like the neck, and hind legs. It has great flexibility to move around the dog and get the best possible brushing. It also stays in contact with the fur, grabbing as much excess as it possibly can. This also seems to lessen the time of brushing too as you can get some great, long smooth strokes from head to the end of the tail! It also has a nice ergonomic handle, making brushing easier on YOU too! Especially if you’re dog unfortunately happened to get into a mess of weeds that has gotten all tangled in his fur! You can stroke hard and fast without it hurting your dog or causing your wrist any pain either, and get those nasty sticky weeds out of his fur quickly and pain-free!

Shed Ninja Dog brush Shed Ninja Dog brush Shed Ninja Dog brush

My Dog is normally terrified of brushing, in fact in the first few photos, you can see his look of terror. After a few minutes, he started to look like, “Hey, this isn’t so bad.” And in the last picture, he looks downright relaxed!

Dog brushing with the Shed Ninja Dog brushing with the Shed Ninja Dog brushing with the Shed Ninja Dog brushing with the Shed Ninja Dog brushing with the Shed Ninja

I was stunned with how much hair this pulled from my dog in 1 sitting! My dog is a big shedder, especially this time of year, but I’ve never been able to get this much hair out of him at one time, especially because normally he absolutely won’t even sit through a brushing long enough for me to do it!

Shed Ninja and the hair it pulled in 1 brushing! Shed Ninja and the hair it pulled in 1 brushing!

Lucky After his Brushing: Super soft, smooth, and shiny fur!

Lucky after his Shed Ninja Brushing Lucky after his Shed Ninja Brushing Lucky after his Shed Ninja Brushing Lucky after his Shed Ninja Brushing

I’m absolutely amazed and in love with this brush, and am SO GLAD it came into mine and Lucky’s lives! And trust me, he is even happier than I am! This has worked great for helping us bond better, as I’ve not been able to brush him in years! Seriously, I have not even attempted brushing him in at least that long! And because he would look at me like “Why are you hurting me?!”  The Shed Ninja makes brushing so easy and so much more comfortable for both my dog and I, that I have no problem doing it weekly. In fact now that it’s summer, I actually use it more often than that. And why not?! He seems to enjoy it and I love that it only takes a few minutes to do and the tumblweeds of fur have fantastically disappeared from my house!

If you have a dog or a cat (short or long hair- it doesn’t matter!) , I promise you’re going to love this brush! I would replace any brush with it! I actually had a very expensive one that I’ve used in the past that just seemed to cause him pain and me stress (which is why I quit brushing him in the first place) and the Shed Ninja is so much less expensive, and does SUCH a better job, that I totally threw the expensive brush out after using my Shed Ninja the very first time!

If you would like to learn more about the Wonderful Shed Ninja, you can pick it up at HERE on Amazon. It also comes in a small or large size to get the best fit for your pet.


Happy Brushing and Bonding with your Pet!

* I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

8 thoughts on “Your Pet Will Thank You: Shed Ninja Dog Brush Review”

  1. First of all, your baby is so pretty! My boxer boy has short hair and doesn’t mind being brushed but also hates bathes. This looks to be quite a good brush. I like that it’s two-sided. Thank-you for the information & review. 🙂

  2. Lucky is so cute!! This brush sounds like it works great. I really need it with three cats in the house!!

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