Silver Linings Shoe Liner Review + GIVEAWAY

Most women reading this probably wear lots of uncomfortable shoes and you probably don’t wear socks with them most of the time, right? The only time I wear socks is when I’m working out and probably 90% of them are super uncomfortable but I’m a slave to fashion… I don’t see that ever changing any time soon either.
Luckily for those of us who will continue to wear shoes without socks, you don’t have to worry about that funky sweaty odor that pops up after too many wears without socks! Chu Shu New York has created the perfect solution to us sock-less shoe lovers! The Chu Shu NY Shoe Liners are designed to absorb odor as well as help preserve the interior of your shoes and inhibit microbes from growing, so your shoes stay in the best shape possible! You no longer have to be embarrassed when you visit that friend who makes you take your shoes off at the door, and you’ve been out in the heat running errands all day and you know you’re feet have been working up a sweat in your fab shoes!
Chu Shu NY Silver Linings shoe linings are EPA registered as well as are enviornmentally friendly too. You can also use your Silver Linings for 2-3 weeks before having to replace them too!
I got a few pair to try out this last week and have loved using them! I put one pair in my old Toms I’ve been wearing obsessively for the last few years. I’m sure they don’t smell too great but I took my Silver Linings out for a test drive while walking my dog, and they were extremely comfortable and easy to use! I felt like they kept my feet dry on my walk too and there was no weird odor in my shoes after I took them off a half hour later! 
I also wore a pair of Silver Linings in some brand new studded flats I got too, and loved how you don’t have to trim the linings to fit! They fit every shoe. Just wipe down the inside of your shoes to help the linings stick so they won’t move around! I actually didn’t notice my Silver Linings move around at all while wearing! I did wish they stuck a little better to my shoes, but I like that I can take them out and stick them in other shoes instead of having to worry about adhesive coming up and creating a sticky interior in your shoe! I’m sure Im not the only one who has experienced that, and it’s extremely annoying! So I’m happy that my Silver Linings shoe liners have no adhesive to create that hot sticky mess in my shoes once they start to wear.

Thanks to Silver Linings Shoe Liners, there is absolutely no reason to suffer with that embarrassing foot odor! Keep your shoes in the best possible shape, and keep your shoes from smelling like a sweat shop! Pick up some Chu Shu NY Silver Linings today! Also be sure to check out all the great testimonials on their website if my review hasn’t convinced you to give them a try yet!

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