Did you know that for traditional advertising you only get $2 back for every $1 Spent – BUT- in social advertising for that $1 spent, you get back an average of $15!

Customers are 92% more likely to rely on the opinion and recommendation through the social world (bloggers, social media, etc) than from what a brand has to say.” – Tap Influence

How MyStyleSpot is Different:

MyStyleSpot was just named one of Huffington Post’s top 31 Up and Coming Health and Wellness Bloggers!

 *What can you get from MyStyleSpot that you may not get from other blogs? Besides my unique perspective and fashion stylist background, you will also find high-quality, thorough, and well-written posts and reviews. Having a master’s degree in Psychology Counseling, I was required to write dozens and dozens of research papers, and because of it, I have developed excellent skills when it comes to writing. I’m also a regular contributor to some big publications!  Be sure to check out some of my past blog posts, I’m sure you will find MyStyleSpot provides its readers with the best possible representation of the product.*


MyStyleSpot was just awarded the FASHION & LIFESTYLE BLOG OF THE YEAR (USA) in the Style & Apparel Awards 2023 courtesy of LUXlife.


**Cindy B of MyStyleSpot has also been featured as a top blogger by


**MyStyleSpot was recently named one of the Top 35 Giveaway Blogs (in 2023) on the web


MyStyleSpot has been a regular contributor for Ms. Ariana Huffington’s, Thrive Global, as well as is a contributor to onMogul, Digital Health Buzz, Business NAB, Health Web Magazine, Vocal.Media, Sivana.Spirit, and Contributor for Consumer Health Digest– each of which gets millions of hits a day! 

What does that mean for you? It means I’m giving you, the brand, that much more exposure and a MUCH wider and broader audience by posting my written article to one of the most popular journalism sites on the internet! Each platform is seen by millions daily and are some of the biggest online journals currently online!

See my latest Huffington Posts: *Please note Huffington Post is no longer accepting contributor postings

Are your new boobs making you sick? An Effective Treatment for Breast Implant Illness

12 Signs of Teenage Drug Abuse and Where to Get Help

8 Quick Tips for Relieving PMS.

40 Best Tips to Make Travel Easy, Less Stressful, and Much More Enjoyable

7 Top Tips for Keeping Eyes Healthy and Beautiful!


See my latest Posts to Ms. Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global: *Please note as of Nov. 1, Huffington Post is no longer accepting contributor postings

The 4 Most Effective Holistic Approaches to Reduce Stress in the Body

Seattle Travel Guide 2020

Writing Skills and Tips that will Quickly Set You Up for Success

10 Tips for a Natural, Healthy, & Safe Detox

Increasing Happiness by Gratitude Journaling & How to Boost Productivity

The Secret to Keeping Your Wellness Resolutions – 5 Tips to Help You Easily Reach Your Fitness and Health Goals

How to Get the Good-for-You Benefits of a Vacation without Leaving Home

How Eating Too Much Sugar is Wreaking Havoc on Your Body

7 Ways to Ensure You’ll Have an Amazing Day!

4 Unique Holiday Gifts for the Hard-to-Please Man!

How Technology is Messing with your Eyes & Health and How to Stop It

Why Buying Designer is Worth the Investment

5 Tips to Have a More Successful and Productive Start to Your Day

The Lazy Girl’s Gude to Glam, Natural-Looking Makeup in 6 Easy Steps

11 Tips for Stopping the Sweating for Good

5 Tips to Help You Spend Money More Wisely & Why You Need to Buy Fair-Trade

How to Give Dad a More Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift  


See my latest Posts to Consumer Health Digest

9 Easy Tips To Reduce Hair Loss In Those Suffering From Alopecia

How Lack of Sleep Not Only Affects Your Day- But Your Health Too + How to Choose the Right Bed

10 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Faster

7 Surprising and Easy Ways to Healthily Boost your Body This Winter

Top 5 Beauty Hacks for Expensive In-Salon Treatments

Why You’re Eye Cream Isn’t Working + a Tip that Will Bring Dramatic Results  


Some of my other Published Work:

How Meditation and Hawaiian Healing can Help us find Peace and Calm

How to Correctly Identify Real Phentermine & Its Fake Counterparts, & Why Many Sell it Without an Rx

A Sugar Substitute that is Actually Good For Your Teeth

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5 Tips for Branding & Building A Successful Blog

Finding Your Own Style: Tips From A Personal Stylist


*Contact me at for pricing!


MyStyleSpot Stats:

I am a Full-Time Professional Blogger who has been blogging professionally for 13+ years I post at least five or more postings per week, and I’ve posted nearly 300 videos on my YouTube channel! 

(Please note blog stats are for, which has recently changed to Some of the stats, for example, Google Ranking, and Domain Authority have not quite followed as of yet).

See my Influence and demographics for My Blog and Social Media Here: See the MyStyleSpot Media Kit HERE. 


MyStyleSpot Sales Records:

I drove over 75,000 in sales in 3 months for Italist Luxury!

I successfully drove over $12,000 and over $5000 in sales in just 1 month for Kerotin Hair Care and Nebulyft Skincare.

I also did a 6-month/1 Instagram posting campaign per month, with House of Wise CBD and drove over $10,000 in sales for them!

I worked with Salty Crush Fashion and drove over $20,500 in sales by sharing tweets, Pinterest posts, and IG and Facebook stories of their fashion, modeled by me.

I worked with Bellelily and did one Instagram story for them at a flat fee and used my affiliate link and I drove over $750 in sales for them from that one story. They also ended up hiring me back a few more times and we also did more stories posts as well, where I ended up generating over $2800 in sales for them through some Pinterest posts and Tweets.

I’ve driven thousands in sales for Manna Kadar Beauty, Nira Beauty, and Skinny Mixes as well, and these are just a few! 


I was also SOLELY responsible for 66% of ALL the traffic driven during an amp&go campaign for a CBD oil brand even though there were 22 other bloggers on the campaign!

I was found to be Olay’s most influential influencer on Instagram in January and the most Influential Influencer on Instagram for Ellia CBD in December.

I was also found to be in the top 1% of all influencers on Dealspotr on both my YouTube and Facebook account – for overall reach!



MyStyleSpot’s Social Media Influence: 

MyStyleSpot (ladyboarder9669 on IG and Twitter) was rated the top #1 Social Media Influencer for Olay according to Fohr:

I was also found to be the top influencer for Ellia in the month of December 2019.

I was Awarded TOP INFLUENCER from YesStyle Fashion/Beauty in 2023.

yes style top tier influencer award
MyStyleSpot awarded top influencer award from YesStyle fashion and beauty


BuzZoole Ranking: #70, out of over 39,000 publishers for Social Media/Blog Influence! 

Google Ranking (Check HERE): 4

Subscribers (Email, RSS, Bloglovin, Networked Blogs, Linky, GFC, Google +): 41,718

Domain Authority with MOZ (Check HERE): 43/100.  Page Authority: 46/100.   Spam Score: 0

(89/100 and 40/100 for

Social Media:

Twitter Followers (Check HERE): 17,223

Facebook Fans (Check HERE): 17,083

Pinterest Followers (Check HERE): 24,917 and over 2 MILLION monthly views!

Instagram Followers (Check HERE): 25,946

YouTube Subscribers (Check HERE): 9,934

Tumblr:  (Check HERE): 2,821

LinkedIn: (Check HERE): 30,000 (The Max!)

TikTok (Check HERE): 245 

Klout Score (Check HERE): 62

Kred Score (Check HERE): 10 with an outreach of 841 BLOG ADVERTISEMENT PRICING I offer competitive pricing on all Forms of Advertising on MyStyleSpot!

Written Blog Posts/Reviews


Roundup blog posts: $550

*No reviewed products will be returned. If a product arrives damaged or does not arrive at all, no review will be written or sponsor can then send new product shipment.


Fashion Photo Shoots with Blog Post

An additional $350 added to the blog post for styling/photography/editing of fashion photos.

*Please note you are agreeing to the expression and creativity of MyStyleSpot for photos. Suggestions are always welcome before photos are taken, however, the crafting of photos is up to MyStyleSpot. Additional edits will require an extra fee if edits are accepted. MyStyleSpot reserves the right to create photos through my own personal style and creativity. Please see some of my style photos to get an idea of what photos will look like, by visiting this link here:


Giveaway (no review) Posts/social media video:


* I promote my giveaways like crazy! Posting several times a day through my social media, where my following is over 147,000! My Giveaways get great results, oftentimes with over 200 unique entries and LOTS of hits/follows for your pages! My giveaways are done through Rafflecopter for a duration of 2-3 weeks. Prizes must be sent out within a week, at the sponsor’s expense. Sponsors can request whatever follows they like for the giveaway, Facebook Visit, Twitter follow, subscribe to their page, etc.

**MyStyleSpot was recently named one of the Top 35 Giveaway Blogs on the web

*Please note that under FTC guidelines, I can not give email addresses of contest entrants to sponsors. If you would like the emails of entrants, please request entrants sign up for your newsletter, as a required entry into the contest.


Video Reviews (Youtube):


There is an additional fee of $550 if you’d like the YouTube video posted to my blog as well.

*If you’d like rights to my video to post to your site, Youtube, Amazon, or anywhere else, there will be an additional charge of $550.


Holiday Gift Guide:

$950 for Entry into the MyStyleSpot 2024 Holiday Gift Guide


Learn More and/or Sign Up for the 2024 Holiday Gift Guide HERE!

The gift guide is also sent out to my email blast of over 10,000 readers, and shared across my social media following of over 157k followers!  

MyStyleSpot is also hosting a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Giveaways!

Want MyStyleSpot to promote your brand and get it on the minds of shoppers this holiday season? Join our 12 days of Christmas! Learn more and sign up HERE!

Sponsored Social Media Posts (Either written by me or the sponsor):

$100 per post – Twitter

$250 per post- Facebook     $550 for Facebook Video

$300 per post – Pinterest

$350 Per Post – Instagram Feed    $250 for a Story   $750 for Instagram Reel

$75 per post – Tumblr

$300 per post – LinkedIn (I have the max 30,000 following!)

$250 – TikTok

Package Deal for Posting to all – $1250 (not including videos)


**13 years of influencing: Strategies I’ve found that work best for driving sales!** A MUST READ FOR BRANDS/SELLERS!


I’ve found when I’m just sharing links, it comes across as an advertisement. And it doesn’t drive traffic or sales. My audience likes to see a review and my thoughts on the product, because I’ve built up this trust with them over the 13 years I’ve been running a blog, YouTube channel, and other social media. I have found reviews of the product and me being able to create and share my own content, does much better for driving sales. This is why I always ask for a sample of the product first before I ever begin promoting a link/product.

Consistency is key. We know it takes a buyer 5-7 times of seeing before they will actually buy. Sharing the product several times within a few months or over a 6 month period is THE BEST way I’ve found to drive traffic and sales. Many times a brand will just pay for 1 single share and then wonder why they didn’t get any sales. I think this is a big misconception in influencing. If you really want to drive sales, you need to invest in several “social shares” with the same influencer, so the same audience is being reminded of this product over and over until they decide it might be worth checking out! I can not stress the importance of this key step enough!

AUTHENTICITY AND TRUST ARE KEY. I don’t want to agree to share something before I’ve even tried it. Many times products are just so-so to me and it’s not something I’d want to spend my own money on. These are the products I don’t want to share with my following and lose the trust I’ve built up with them over 13+ years. I need to try the product out first and love it before ever agreeing to share it with my audience. I don’t think an influencer should EVER be required to share just because they received a sample, for this very reason.

I think this is where brands and sites that connect brands and influencers are ruining influencing. By requiring the influencer to share the product when it may not even be something the influencer believes in. By sharing it anyway, We lose trust with our audience. That is a risk I don’t want to take. I’ve worked long and hard over 13 years to build this trust with my audience. I don’t want to lose it over 1 product I was “required to share” because I agreed to promote it on the basis of receiving a sample.

I need to believe in your product too if I will ever be able to convince my audience of it as well!


Guest Blog Posts:

Want to write for us? MyStyleSpot accepts Guest Blog Posts!

$35 USD for an article with no-follow links

$100 USD per do-follow link

Link Posting to Existing Article:

$35 USD for a no-follow link

$100 USD for a do-follow link

Ad Space:

Small banner (approx 125 x 125): $200 per mo

Medium Banner (approx 300 x 300px): $300 per mo

Large Banner (approx 300 x 650): $400 per mo

*There are Deals for signing up for 3 months, 6 months, and yearly ad space – Please contact me at for pricing.
*Advertiser is expected to provide ad. I can create an ad at an additional cost.
*Please note that all payments are accepted through PayPal only. All prices are in USD.


Email Blasts:

$550 for ad sent out to email following of 9,773 highly engaged subscribers

$550 for an exclusive ad sent out via my mobile monthly newsletter! – 57% CLICK THRU on the last campaign!

Additional Cooperations:

Are you looking for someone to host a Twitter party? I’d love to help you!

I also organize blogger giveaways for an additional fee, where sponsors can get thousands of hits and follows, thanks to promoting from lots of different bloggers!


I have a list of over 100 Amazon Reviewers who have signed up with me personally and are looking to do reviews! I’m happy to sell the list to you at $3 per name.

MyStyleSpot Reviews/Recommendations:

Developing a brand new product that is not currently being offered in any retail store is exciting; however, waiting for honest feedback on your product that you spent so much time on from an experienced blogger professional is nerve-wracking.  Think I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my experience in with Cindy as she is a true professional. She is very responsive, truly captured the essence of my product within her review and the turnaround time was amazing. I enjoyed working with Cindy and will be working with her on future projects.

-Matthew CEO of NEATS USA

I hired Cindy as an influencer for my AllStar campaign. Her work was well written and submitted in a timely manner. She has a fantastic personality and plenty of style to boot! I would recommend her to anyone!

Tonya L Clark – Brand to Blogger Outreach

It was my first time working with Cindy. Honestly, I didn’t expect much as the experiences that the other famous bloggers or reviewers I have ever worked with just didn’t value sellers like us much no matter in email reply or more time required to complete the blog etc. Maybe because our products were just not in high value that they didn’t desire to try or maybe they were just too busy you know they are famous people.

But Cindy, I can say she totally makes me overturn my attitudes toward to the famous writer through our cooperation. First of all, Cindy is so nice. She always replied to my emails timely and this made me feel I’m valued you know I never have this feeling before when I worked with the other writers. What is more impressed me is that Cindy is a really high efficient writer with writing a high-quality and professional blog. I just can’t believe that she completed the blog and posted it much ahead of the deadline. I mean I didn’t ask for it but Cindy is so considerate and highly efficient that to make the blog post before the holiday season shopping period. It really helps us a lot for the product promotion, for buying time and making our product known to people who looking for gift for loved ones.

For the blog Cindy wrote, you can’t believe how amazing it is. Cindy is really a professional writer. She must have done a lot or work and research and work so hard to try out the product. She had her unique observation and she wrote every specific details of the product itself even for me, a seller hasn’t thought of that out but she did. She just know the point people may overlook but will be very impressed and feel it when they read from the words Cindy wrote. It is greatly providing informative and insightful reviews for our readers. You should read Cindy’s blog and I’m sure you will be attracted by her reviews.

Thank you so much, Cindy and her blog. Our team and I are so impressed and satisfied with this cooperation. I will definitely work with Cindy again.

Cici – SkyField Products


*All Ad Sales are Final. No Refunds will be given for Ad Payments withdrawn early. *I reserve the right to refuse any ad that is offensive, spammy, or does not fit with the niche of my blog. *I will always give 100% honesty in my reviews. I require full-size products for reviews. Items will not be returned. If you would like me to do a giveaway as well, the sponsor must provide an additional item for the winner, and the sponsor is responsible for shipping the prize within 1 week. *I will always follow and disclose FTC guidelines in my Reviews/Giveaways. *Products will be reviewed within 2 weeks after receiving the product (unless otherwise specified). An additional fee will be added if the review needs to be done sooner. *There will be an extra charge for video edits. *No Refunds will be given for posting to other sites if the chosen site doesn’t accept the post (Thrive Global, Consumer Health Digest, RPRN News Magazine, etc). The post, however, will be submitted to another site.

**Feel Free to negotiate prices with me**

I’m also happy to offer a discount on payments made via check or ACH deposit

Interested in working with MyStyleSpot? Contact me today at: