Vegan Influencer

As a vegan Instagram influencer,  vegan beauty blog, and cruelty-free YouTuber,  I create vegan beauty tutorials, vegan beauty reviews, and vegan beauty box unboxings, to help educate the public on the importance of buying natural, cruelty-free makeup and vegan beauty products.

Why I’m Vegan

I love animals and believe strongly that they are not here for our use. I have a passion for helping to spread the word as I think many don’t realize the horror that cat or rabbit went through for that skincare cream you use! There is no need for animal testing as many amazing vegan beauty brands have already found! And although you may think that a sheep wasn’t harmed for that wool sweater, think again! There is a lot of animal-cruelty happening behind the scenes for those products we buy, that we just don’t realize.

Vegan Brands I’ve worked with

I’ve worked with vegan luxury and ethical cruelty-free brands such as Dermae, Elf Cosmetics, Eco Tools, Perfekt Beauty, Skyn Iceland, Sibu Beauty, SPAritual and more.

Some of my favorite vegan sites to shop cruelty-free beauty, are Logical Harmony, Sephora, and Ulta Beauty.

Vegan Influencer

Are you a vegan, cruelty-free brand? I’d love to work with you as an animal rights influencer! Check out my stats, pricing, and services HERE!