5 Gift Giving Tips for Buying Jewelry This Holiday Season

Got a special lady on your holiday shopping list this year, but stumped what to get her? Jewelry is always a great go to as pretty much every woman I know loves jewelry! The trick is finding the piece she will love to fit her style! Every woman is different, not only in likes but in age and price range to what they would wear their jewelry for i.e., office, evening, casual, etc. So how do you know which type of jewelry to buy for that special woman in your life. Obviously price is a factor but there are other factors to consider: age, wear, lifestyle and likes, is the woman you are shopping for more into large pieces, semi-precious stones, diamonds, white, rose or yellow gold, it literally becomes overwhelming.

Below are 5 tips and jewelry lines that will ensure you buy the right piece of jewelry for your special lady this holiday season. 

5 tips for buying jewelry for her this holiday

1. The Semi-Precious Stone Lover. This woman loves the unusual, and is unique and sophisticated who lives a versatile lifestyle. For this woman we recommend Kabana Jewelry. Their Riviera collection is contemporary and timeless, this beautiful 14kt gold diamond and inlay bracelet creates a warm and glowing effect that complements any skin tone. This would be ideal for the woman who would like to have a piece that easily transitions from day to night. For more information about Kabana Jewelry please visit www.kabana.com

2. The Bold Gold Lover. For this type of renaissance woman one would want to go for a more gold heavy piece that makes a statement. This woman would be wearing this piece for more evening outings and has a more outgoing personality. These types of women are defined more by an attitude rather that age. For this woman we would recommend something from jewelry designer Phillip Gavriel’s Prive line which has very unique pieces predominantly in 18K gold. For more information of Phillip Gavriel please visit: http://phillipgavriel.com/

3. The Everyday Sporty Woman. For this woman a great line is Ariva. Ariva pieces are mostly sterling silver and can be worn every day. This would for the woman who wants to wear something unusual but does live a busy lifestyle. Ariva Fine Jewelry is also very affordable for those shopping on a budget, with pieces starting at $75. For more information please visit:www.arivafinejewelry.com.
4. The Diamond Lover. For the woman who has everything and want more we would recommend Roberto Demeglio. This Holiday season Roberto Demeglio is debuting his newest collection the Monnalisa. This collection will be available exclusively at select Neiman Marcus stores as well as online. This collection as well as all Roberto Demeglio jewelry appeals to the evening socialite woman. One signature piece from the Monnalisa collection is the intertwining of black and white diamonds set in 18K white gold. For more information please visit: http://usa.robertodemeglio.it/.

5. The Business Woman with Flair. For this woman who works in the corporate world we recommend Vahan Fine Jewelry. This jewelry line provides for a bit flair to catch everyone’s attention while still exuding the professionalism of the corporate world. These bracelets are often worn in multiples but can also be highlighted as an individual piece. For more information please visit: http://www.vahanjewelry.com/


Happy Shopping!

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