5 Party Makeup Application Tips for Beginners

5 Party Makeup Application Tips for Beginners

Do you get amazed by celebrity party makeup looks and want to have something like that for yourself? You don’t need to hire a professional makeup artist to achieve this if you use a few special tricks. You’ll need professional tools, some practice, glitter, and a very good foundation to get a truly stunning party look.

5 Party Makeup Tips from Professionals

1.     Make your skin flawless

Makeup is artwork that requires perfect canvass to look its best. This means you need to make your skin perfect first, or else imperfections will distract from your artistic efforts.

To do this you need to prep your skin with a moisturizer before moving on to a concealer. Depending on your situation, you might need several types of those. If you need to cover redness, use a green-tinted one. If you are trying to hide purplish spots under the eyes, you’ll need an orange concealer. For other imperfections, use a solution that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Once all the blemishes are masked, apply a foundation with at least medium coverage. Party makeup should be bold, so a good cover is a must. Apply the foundation to your neck as well and make sure to blend it well so it looks natural.

2.     Stock up on professional tools

If you want to apply makeup like a pro, you’ll need to get professional makeup supplies. The brushes, sponges, lashes, and makeup itself should be of the highest quality and designed specific purpose. For example, you can apply a highlighter with any brush, but using one made for this specific type of product will make the process easier, which is key to a beginner.

Professional cosmetics is also made to last. This is important as ‘running’ makeup is sure to ruin your big night. Note that ‘professional’ and ‘luxury’ makeup aren’t the same things. You can find some affordable high-quality brands that will help you create a stunning look.

3.     Make it glow

‘Apply some glitter’ is the king of party makeup tips. You can turn a regular office makeup into a party look adding just a bit of glitter and highlighter to make your skin glow. With the great variety of glittery products, you’ll be able to find any shade and even shape you like.

The most important rule of using glitter is to be very sparing with it. Check out how celebrities do it at Refinery29. They add only the tiniest bit of the shine around the eyes. Sometimes, you can simply use glitter as an eyeliner to define your look. In this case, go for bold and bright colors that will make your eyes ‘pop’.

Never apply glitter on more than one part of the face, for example, your eyes and cheeks. You also need to be sparing with a highlighter and use a less shimmery variety of it so as not to make your face look too shiny. Matte lipstick would be a good choice to complement such makeup.

4.     Only go bold once

A party makeup is different from your everyday look by being more bold and daring. However, if you overdo it, you risk looking vulgar. That’s why you should treat it like you do statement jewelry. This means only highlighting one facial feature, while ‘muting’ the rest.

For example, if you make your eyes stand out with some complex dramatic eyeshadow work, use a nude lipstick and blush that is close to your skin tone enough not to stand out too much. If you plan to make your lips stand out with bright red lipstick, tune up the eye makeup, like these beauties on the Glamour pages.

5.     Mind the brows

If you didn’t have a chance to visit a brow salon before the party, whip your eyebrows into shape using gel and tint. Don’t try for a dramatic change if you are pressed for time. Just try to make them look more ‘controlled’.


Happy Beautifying!

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