6 Ways to Brighten Your Home in Dark Spaces

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If you live in a house or a large apartment, you must know that there is one room where you can’t get the lighting down. No matter how hard you try, it is always dim and gloomy in this one room.

Sometimes, this room is in the center of your home, and most of the traffic of the house will run through it. 

If this is the case, then you need to find a way to brighten up the room. When most people hear “brighten up the room,” they think light. Adding a couple of lamps won’t solve your problem, and it will most likely make the room look bad. Luckily for you, below is a list of creative ways to brighten your home in dark spaces. 

6 Ways to Brighten Your Home in Dark Spaces

Bright Rugs and Carpets 

6 Ways to Brighten Your Home in Dark Spaces

Having a bright rug or carpet will allow the room to glow. If you previously didn’t have any carpet or rugs, that might have been your issue. Adding more color and brightness to your floors will allow the room to be more vibrant and luminous. 

Plus, as a bonus, you will have a soft and reliable carpet or rug. Now you have an excuse to ask your guests to take their shoes off, and the carpet and carpet will feel amazing on your feet. 

Different Color Furniture

6 Ways to Brighten Your Home in Dark Spaces

Opting for different color furniture can completely change the feel and lighting in your room. Having brighter furniture can completely change the brightness of your room without actually messing with any lights. If you were to get a bright color sofa, it would make the entire room glow without messing with any lights.

 Also, consider the size of your furniture. If you were to get something a little smaller and more compact, it would seem as if the room were much more prominent. Plus, try to go for glass tables instead of wood because glass helps to reflect light whereas wood soaks it up. 

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors!!!

Mirrors are one of if not an essential part of lighting your rooms. Having mirrors allows for more light to reflect off the mirror and light up the room, but you have to be careful about how you place your mirrors. 

If you place mirrors in a room that has no windows away from any source of light, then you have accomplished nothing, but, if you have a dark room with one window or a big lamp and you put a mirror close to either of these light sources, your room will light up like a chandelier. 

Use Space on Your Walls Wisely

6 Ways to Brighten Your Home in Dark Spaces

Frequently people will use too much space on their brightly colored walls. This tends to be one of the reasons rooms struggle to get light. Having too much of a brightly colored wall covered makes it hard for rooms to get light. 

If you were to use this space of these walls sparingly, you would be able to have more light in your room. Having wooden picture frames on these walls soaks up the light coming into the room. So, eliminating these would essentially eliminate part of your problem. 

Clean Your Windows

Having clean windows is a game-changer when it comes to lighting up rooms. If you have dirt and grime all over your windows, all the light is not coming through them. If you are struggling to find out why you can’t get enough light in your rooms, you need to bust out the Windex

Cleaning your windows allows for more light to come through them, but it also lets you feel a sense of pride about cleaning. Plus, it makes your windows shine. 

 Aim Your Lights at Something

Buying lamps and other light sources isn’t a bad thing; you just don’t want to overdo it because then it looks bad. The most important part of buying a lamp or other light source is aiming it in an area where you need to see things the most. 

If you have a pool table in this room, aim a lamp at the ceiling above the pool table. If you have a table where people eat, have a light source shining there. Have the lightest in the highest areas of traffic in your room. 

Keep Furniture Low to the Ground and Small

If you think about it, the bigger furniture you have, the less light will be in your room. You’re probably asking how furniture has nothing to do with light. But, the bigger furniture you have, the more significant shadows that get cast. Keep your furniture small and low to the ground. Plus, it opens up a lot more space in different rooms. 

To wrap things up, having every single room in your house well lit is very important. Not only is lighting a pleasing factor when it comes to the looks of the room, but it also has health benefits for your eyes. If rooms in your house aren’t well lit, it actually can hurt the health of your eyes and eyesight. 

Also, keeping your rooms well lit will significantly impress your guests. Plus, if you light your rooms in different and creative ways, it will impress them even more. That one room in your home that won’t get the proper lighting is soon to be defeated. 

Happy Decorating!

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