A Fashion Show with a Casino Theme & Tips for Your Own Weekend Style in Vegas

A bunch of celebrities sitting on a poker table and fashion models doing a catwalk around them? Yes, that’s what has been happening in one of the recent Chanel fashion shows in Paris. Hollywood celebrities, including Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis and Lily Collins, were spotted at this Chanel Show  in July by Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer of Chanel.

Celebrity casino style fashion

Kristen Stewart was seen wearing a black long-sleeve velvet suit while Julianne Moore chose to wear a velvet emerald dress with a diamond necklace. The duo was seen laughing and hugging during the course of the show. The show was held in the Grand Palais. Slot machines were placed beside the walls to add the icing on the cake to the casino.

So, taking a cue from these fabulous celebrities, what exactly should one wear to a casino? Of course, the rules are different all over the world, especially because there are different climates to consider. Read these Casino Fashion Tips.
before entering a casino, to make sure your fashion choices will be spot on.

During the daytime in summers, the temperatures are usually high in a city like Las Vegas, the most famous casino city in the world, so one go for shorts and t-shirts during the day. Vegas fashion, for the ladies: be sure to pack your tank-tops, skirts, and shorts! You can wear this type of comfortable clothing within the casinos too. If you are a tourist but choose to venture to the more exclusive casinos, be sure to bring your suits and designer dresses.

When the sun is out cold, it’s time for partying and clubbing. Certain casinos in Vegas have dress codes which do not allow baggy jeans, sneakers and cut-offs. For ladies, the dress codes may require heels, dresses and formal clothing. Guys, be sure to wear your nice button down shirts, suit, and classy shoes or boots.

casino style fashion tips
In Europe, formal dressing is preferred over casual clothing at the local casinos. Shorts and flip flops are not allowed. Jackets are a must for the men at nights, so be sure to check out the casino-style culture of the fabulous fun filled entertainment in the city you will be attending, before you pack those bags!


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