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I was recently in discussion with a young family friend who was talking about her options for attending college and a future career she was interested in. Mid-discussion, she pointed out how a good paying job down the road would allow her to splurge on professional hair care products. Being a blogger with access to a lot of high-end free product, I forget this can be a real concern for most women. Anyone who has ever tried an expensive, professional hair care product knows the product is almost always worth its weight in gold. Inexpensive, cheaper hair-care products rarely cut it and can leave you wishing you had just saved your money and put it towards buying that high-end hair product instead. Unfortunately though, professional hair care can be extremely expensive and simply not affordable for most of us who are already struggling to get by as it is! Hair Care is just another added expense that some of us find hard to cough up a couple hours worth of work for one product that may last a few months, if we’re lucky.

I recently came across an amazing beauty retail site that offers those typically expensive, high-end professional hair care products at barely over cost! These products are discounted to be affordable, yet are the real thing – no knock offs! The other cool thing about this site, is that they test the products first and only buy and sell the professional hair care products they love and truly believe in! FashionAndBeautyStore.com offers professional hair care products such as  hair color, keratin, hair styling tools, and much, much more! You can even purchase professional skin care and makeup from them as well!

I recently got to try out the Alterna Bamboo Style Dry Shampoo ($18.50) and Alterna Caviar CC Cream ($17) from them and was so thrilled! I’ve used and loved Alterna hair care for years but haven’t used any products by them in a while, so I was super excited to try out some of their latest products!

The Alterna Bamboo Dry Shampoo is a fabulous dry shampoo that works on any hair color, doesn’t leave a powder residue behind, but absorbs oil, product buildup and impurities, to reveal clean, full, voluminous hair! This product makes it super easy to extend the life of your blow out! The smell is amazing and I was surprised to see just how well it soaked up that excess oil.

The Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo combines strengthening pure Organic Bamboo Extract and nourishing, naturally fixative Blue Yucca Root in this virtually translucent dry shampoo. It works great with color treated hair as well and is made using only Certified Organic ingredients that are grown responsibly and traded ethically. Their production & sale aids in supporting the development of local communities while remaining environmentally friendly. All Alterna products are FREE OF: sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens, gluten, TEA, and phthalates.

I really put this awesome dry shampoo to the test and tried it out on 3 day old hair! See my pic below to see the lovely volume and body it gave my hair!

The Alterna Caviar CC Cream is a wonderful styling cream that works on all hair types! Along with also being environmentally responsible, this product can be used on dry or damp hair to soften and smooth cuticles, as well as add shine, protect the hair from heat damage (UV rays and styling tools both), and it helps reduce breakage too. This awesome cream keeps hair color looking bright and adds gorgeous shine to hair. The Caviar extract that can be found in this product is what is known for adding some intense shine and smoothness to hair! This fabulous innovative hair care product was also a winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards in 2013!

Both of these products are fabulous and I’ve loved how soft, shiny, and voluminous my hair has been since using them! This fantastic Bamboo dry shampoo allows me to extend my style for up to 3 days without washing, saving me time and money! My hair feels and smells great and looks much healthier too!

alterna haircare from fashionandbeautystore.com

Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo on 3 Day Old Hair, and Caviar CC Leave in Protectant Styling Cream:
alterna haircare from fashionandbeautystore.com

Interested in trying out these Fab Hair Styling Products from Alterna for yourself? Shop them and the huge selection of hair, beauty, and skincare from FashionandBeautyStore.com today!

Happy Styling!

*This is a sponsored blog post by Fashion and Beauty Store. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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