No More Dry Winter Skin Thanks to New Olay Whips – Available at Walgreens

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Hey, lovelies! Not much gets me giddier than fantastic new beauty products from my favorite brands! I’ve been a long time user and lover of Olay Products, and they’ve recently just released their new Olay Whips available for purchase at Walgreens and online now!

This lovely product couldn’t have come at a better time for me! Designed to help treat the harsh effects of winter on the skin, Olay Whips specifically treats dry, itchy skin without being too heavy, because as most of us already know, thicker creams don’t necessarily mean better hydration! But they can mean oilier skin! Yuck!

No More Dry Winter Skin Thanks to New Olay Whips - Available at Walgreens

I already have super dry skin and live in an even drier climate, so I’m beyond thrilled to try out the new Olay Whips and give my skin a super boost of hydration! This creamy, yet lightweight moisturizer from Olay provides a smooth, matte finish that feels light as air on skin – so it won’t weigh you down! No more super goopy, sticky, tacky skin cream that just sits on the surface instead of being absorbed, and feels heavy and greasy! Olay Whips is formulated differently to WORK differently! It uses a powerful unique Active Rush formula which holds and then quickly releases 1000x it’s weight in hydration and active ingredients! So skin absorbs the immediate benefits, right away!

Thanks to my heater running on high this winter, my skin is already beyond dry and starting to peel, but I unfortunately never seem to notice this until I apply my foundation and find my skin peeling off everywhere! No fun! I can’t wait to see what the new Olay Whips can do for my dry winter skin issues!

Interested in trying out the new Olay Whips for yourself? Visit your nearest Walgreens Today or Online! Also, get right now, $5 off your purchase of Whips with eSaver and experience happy hydrated skin again!

Happy Moisturizing!

What are some of your winter skin issues? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

79 thoughts on “No More Dry Winter Skin Thanks to New Olay Whips – Available at Walgreens”

  1. gloria patterson

    Olay products have come so far over the last years. Hard to believe that they started out with just few. This whip looks so rich and creamy and would feel so good

  2. Its sounds amazing!! I have total combination skin though and Im not sure it would work for me! Last time I used Olay I broke out SO bad!

  3. I do love that this doesn’t feel heavy or greasy!! I feel like I struggle with finding the right facial moisturizer.

  4. I love Olay products! In fact, 2 friends who are dermatologists recommend Olay to me for anti-aging creams. I am exciting to try these new whips.

  5. I already use Olay products. In my opinion, I think they work and I can’t wait to try this new Olay Whip with the $5 off coupon that was totally great of you to share! Being a Diabetic, I need to stay hydrated and moisturised.
    I am going to share this review on Facebook. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Unfortunately I dont have a smartphone so cant do the coupon or a printer hooked up but I bet that there will be a paper coupon coming out. I have used Olay for many years. Gosh I remember my Mom using the original Oil of Olay! This stuff works well. I am going to look for this at Walgreens.

  7. I used Olay for over 20 years and it is my favorite skincare product. Definitely I will try to find this new Olay Whips at my local Target soon
    Thank You for sharing!

  8. Jerry Marquardt

    I am looking forward to heading up to Walgreen’s tomorrow. I thank you for giving me the answer to this problem.

  9. I have used Olay for years and have always loved it. I am for sure going to be looking for this product!Gave you a share too as @tannawings on twitter.

  10. I really love Olay and will be looking for this at Walgreens. I cant get the smartphone discount, but many times there are paper coupons available or in store. This looks so nice and creamy. I love that it is whipped.

  11. I absolutely love whipped products. I am currently searching for a more cost-effective moisturizer than my Philosophy Hope in a Jar. The more I think about it the more I know that it might be a winner. Can you imagine the powerful 1000x it’s weight in hydration paired with Hyaluronic Acid? I am using a great one that Allison from Never Say Die Beauty recommended it has 45% Hyaluronic Acid and 5% Sea Buckthorn in it. IUNIK Vitamin Hyaluronic Acid Vitalizing Toner is a Korean Brand but it is absolutely marvelous!

  12. My skin has also been very dry from having the heater on and I hate having dry, flaky skin! Will definitely be picking up Olay Whips and give it a try!

  13. I could really use this. What do you recommend for super dry, itchy legs? They are driving me crazy and I’m waking hubby and I up at night scratching them usually until I bleed. 🙁

  14. gloria patterson

    Olay products have been around for so long. From the pink oil of olay in the glass bottle that they started with. Have added this WHIP to my shopping list

  15. I get super dry skin in the winter because I live in MN with no humidity in the winter. I would love to try the Olay whips!

  16. Sandy Klocinski

    Olay products are awesome! I don’t really have a problem with dry skin though. I might give these whips a try anyway

  17. I’m kind of a cream lover so I’m interested in trying different kinds like this one. It is hard with cream as you can’t touch dry anything for a couple minutes.

    This would be fun to try 🙂

  18. I don’t have the problem with winter dry skin since it doesn’t get cold here. What we consider cold in South Florida you would consider a balmy day! I have used Olay products off and on for years and the Olay Whips sound like a great idea.

  19. Christy Peeples DuBois

    My oldest daughter that has had both oily skin and dry skin says she had much rather have dry skin any day than oily skin and I can’t help but to second that opinion. Due to hormonal problems I’ve had the oiliest skin of my life. I can’t even begin to explain how oily it has been. Two weeks ago I had a total hysterectomy and am praying the oily skins goes away just like the hormones have but time will tell. Having said all of that I’ve still been using an oil free moisturizer than controls the oil. We all need to MOISTURIZE even us oily people.

  20. i love olay as a brand and as a product. olay whips is so good for my skin as i removes all the ugly dirt and keep my skin fresh and clean.

  21. I have always been a huge fan of Olay because of my Nana and my Mom. This sounds great and the whipped texture must be so soothing!

  22. I’ve been hearing about Olay Whips – they do sound nice. I’ve been using raw organic coconut oil, but I can’t put it too close to the skin under my eyes, it irritates them. So then I have to use something else near my eyes. I’d love to try this.

  23. Melissa Storms

    I am absolutely going to give this a try. I actually like creams but there is definitely a very fine line between just thick enough and too heavy.

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