How to Reduce Sunburn Formation by 40-60% & The Product to Help You Do It

Why you should be using this 12-hour transdermal Vitamin C Face Powder this summer

It’s no secret you need to be adamant about sunscreen usage when spending more than a few minutes outside. But did you know that Sunscreens actually only block 55% of the active oxygen produced by UV exposed skin?

In order to better optimize UV protection and slow sun-induced aging, it is important to apply antioxidants like Vitamin C to the skin daily!

Experiments have shown that when Vitamin C is applied to the skin:

  • Erythema or the superficial reddening of skin by UV rays was reduced by 52%.
  • Sunburn cell formation was reduced by 40-60%.

Vitabrid C is changing the way Vitamin C is applied to the skin this summer with their FACE Brightening Powder. Simply mix the Face Powder with your skin care product of choice (toner, serum, or sunscreen) for enhanced antioxidant properties. This combination will protect against skin damage caused by free radicals from UV exposure. Additionally, the zinc oxide mineral layers in the powder help block UV rays from reaching the skin.

The powder is powered by its breakthrough ingredient, Vitabrid CG, a new Vitamin C complex certified by the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary. This revolutionary discovery stores and preserves active Vitamin C within skin-friendly mineral layers. Once applied, it releases active Vitamin C continuously for over 12 hours, permeating through the skin layers down to the dermis.

Vitamin C is known to make the skin healthy and radiant by neutralizing the damaging effects of free-radical activity, not only from the sun but also from stress and pollution as well. Repairing visible signs of aging, Vitabrid C12’s Face Brightening Powder is a highly potent transdermal Vitamin C powder that reduces melanin production to maintain a clear and radiant complexion. It also promotes collagen production to aid in wrinkle reduction and anti-aging. With twice daily use in the AM and PM this summer, Vitamin C can be supplied to the skin for a full 24 hours to maintain great looking skin.

The result is a scientifically driven SPF booster for nourished, younger looking, and radiant skin.

*Source: Pumori SK, Vitamin C in dermatology, Indian Dermatology Online Journal, 2013 Apr-Jun; 4(2): 143–146. (


Happy Beautifying!

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3 thoughts on “How to Reduce Sunburn Formation by 40-60% & The Product to Help You Do It”

  1. BIG news for me! I had NO idea that Vitamin C had any sun protection ability. Good to know….I already skin cancer once, not looking for a repeat. Thanks, this is a public service by you!! <3

  2. I didn’t know that Vitamin C helped your SPF be more effective. It makes sense since it’s an antioxidant.

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