Three 4th of July Essentials + a Gorgeous, Premium-Sounding Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Happy (almost) Fourth of July lovelies! I hope you will be getting out and enjoying some lovely (yes scorchingly) hot summer weather this weekend! I know I will be!

Sometimes in the rush of holiday adventures, it can be easy to forget some important must-haves to help liven up and brighten up your Holiday festivities! No Matter where you’re headed off to this weekend, don’t forget to check this list to make sure you’ve packed up the essentials – because nothing is worse than getting all the way to your destination only to remember you once again forgot your shoes (I’ve actually done this!)


3 Fourth of July Essentials to Take With You On Your Holiday Adventures This Weekend:

1. The Fireworks! It is the most patriotic day of the year and in some states (like here in Utah :p), it’s the only time of year you can use them! Whether you’re going to the lake, the beach, into the mountains, a posh hotel, or staying home – don’t forget some fun sparklers or some crazy bottle rockets and let loose by getting into the spirit this Fourth of July! Be sure to play safely and don’t let Smoky the Bear down by starting the forest on fire either!

2. The Sun Hat, Sunscreen, and Sunglasses: You’re most likely going to need all of these no matter where you’re going this holiday weekend! Be smart and have fun but also be sure to Protect yourself from the sun while you’re out and about! You don’t want to spend the next couple days back at work unable to move in your office chair thanks to that nice big fat red sunburn you got on your back!

3. The Music! Because no Fourth of July Weekend (or any weekend for that matter!) is complete (or worthwhile) with out it! I’m taking my gorgeous Bongo Bamboo Wood Bluetooth Speaker camping and to the lake with me this weekend! This handy wireless, portable & eco-friendly speaker doesn’t take up much room so it’s easy to pack with my four other bags of clothes (Hey – A Fashion Girl needs choices!) It also comes in a nice linen carrying case to be stored safely and securely while traveling!

Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

The Bongo Bamboo Speaker easily connects to any phone, tablet or PC and provides hours and hours of premium sound (up to 15 hours) before it will even need to be charged up again! This beautifully, artfuly designed speaker (designed in Brooklyn NY) looks super chic too! But the smart design and the fact that it’s made out of bamboo actually creates better sound. Who would’ve thought?! Music and sound actually better resonate through the bamboo than traditional metal or plastic speakers, providing your listening experience with warm, natural sound! The bluetooth speaker also has two premium speakers in the front AND two dual woofers in the back – providing you with an all around 360° sound (up to 33 feet), with clear crisp highs and fist-pumping deep bass! It’s the ultimate listening experience in a compact, beautifully designed lightweight travel speaker!

This awesome handy little speaker isn’t just for listening to music on either! Happen to have an Echo Dot? LUCKY!! The Bongo speaker will easily connect to it so you get voice control with Alexa when you use it too! You can  also get the news, control smart home devices on it, and so much more! Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Interested in trying out this awesome-sounding bamboo bluetooth speaker for yourself?

Shop the chic Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker Here on Amazon!

*If you’re looking for more speaker options at the beach, here is a handy run down of some choices!

Happy Fourth of July!

*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way
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  1. Oh my goodness I love it! The wood looks so nice. So many look so cheaply made but definitely not that one.

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