Tria Laser Hair Removal Update/Review Treatment #12

This weekend was my 12th round of treatments. For light hair like mine, it can take 8-12 treatments. I was hoping to be more hairless by now. I seem to have patches on my legs, with hair still on the inner side of my shins. My bikini and line has a few stray hairs as well as my underarms.

I didn’t shave this whole last month to see exactly how well it was working. Below are pictures of my month long hair growth. Its hard to see in the pics, but my under arms are barely noticeable and my leg hair is patchy, short, and very light.

For a month of no shaving, its looking pretty darn good! I’m starting to see proof that its working! I was hoping to be farther along and just doing single spot treatments by now, but I’m still doing the entire leg, underarm and bikini line. By the way it was looking this month I think I’ll have maybe one ore two more treatments left. Here’s hoping!
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