This Custom Made Skirt Will Make You Look & Feel Like a SuperStar!

Hey lovelies, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own custom made clothing? Unless your mom is a seamstress or well, you’re just completely loaded, it probably isn’t happening. Well, that is until now ladies! I recently discovered a really fabulous company that offers custom, made to measure skirts, that will fit you like a glove, because it was made specifically for you and you’re beautiful body!

It’s rare, but ever notice how amazing that one piece of clothing truly makes you feel when it hugs your curves in all the right way and feels like its was made just for you? Rita and Phil are dedicated to bringing you that confidence by doing just that! Creating a skirt just for you, made to fit you perfectly!

Rita and Phil offer a wide variety of beautiful, curve hugging pencil skirts that will really showcase you’re best features and well, frankly… Give you a really amazing butt, show off those sexy curves, and suck you in!

Oh and my favorite part about Rita and Phil (besides their amazing skirts of course!) is the meaning behind the name. Do you ever remember watching Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” – Where he (Phil) kept repeating the same day over and over until he finally, and hilariously figured out that the only way win over Rita’s heart was by improving himself and those around him? Like Phil, the brand, Rita and Phil, want to rid women of the common “Groundhog Day” problem of looking in your closet and having another day of yet again, nothing to wear! Rita and Phil help you overcome that Groundhog Day moment of looking in your closet, by custom designing a piece for you that you will be truly excited to reach in and grab, and put on for the day!

When my custom made-Elaine skirt showed up, a beautiful body-hugging pencil skirt with a sexy slit, and zipper up the front, I was beyond excited! This WAS a piece I was TRULY EXCITED about, and to be honest, its been a long time since I’ve felt that way about any piece of clothing!

I put the skirt on right away, which is made from the most luxurious-feeling, fabric that has a really nice stretch to it, and really hugs my curves. I loved slipping into it knowing that it would fit me like a glove because it was made to fit my measurements perfectly, and boy did it! It feels amazing on, and I walked around the house in it for a minute before figuring out what top to wear with it, and I felt immediately confident and sexy in it before my outfit was even put together! Now THAT is a piece that is truly amazing, When it can give you that kind of confidence -IMMEDIATELY!

elaine pencil skirt by rita and phil elaine pencil skirt by rita and phil elaine pencil skirt by rita and phil elaine pencil skirt by rita and phil elaine pencil skirt by rita and phil

Pretty great skirt right? I wore it out for the night last night and felt so amazing in it! It is truly a piece I know I will love and wear for many years to come! The versatility of the classic shape makes it great for wearing with nearly any top in my closet. I chose to go with a monochromatic look of all black with a couple of different tops and absolutely loved how great this skirt truly complimented anything (and me!) that I wore with it! The skirt is incredibly comfortable to wear too. The nice bit of stretch and soft cotton makes it move with you so nicely, it sits nicely, walks nicely, no bunching up of any kind, it just looks and feels purely amazing every minute you’re in it!


I’m really excited about this gorgeous Rita and Phil skirt and you can bet I will be trying out more skirts from their line in the future! I’m completely sold on custom-made to fit clothing now, and these skirts are chic, classic, beautiful works of art that  truly feel magical when you slip into them!

Interested in learning more about Rita and Phil or purchasing a custom made skirt for yourself? Be sure to check them out at


Also get an incredible deal on one of their fabulous skirts, and other goodies, and support Rita and Phil by joining their IndiGoGo campaign Here!


Happy Shopping!


Do you have any custom-made clothing? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!

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* I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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