7 Red Flags to Watch for When Taking Someone on a First Date

7 Red Flags to Watch for When Taking Someone on a First Date

The excitement of meeting someone for the first time can sometimes mean you lower your defenses and don’t spot the potential warning signs that suggest your first date might not end the way you want it to. There are plenty of examples where diligent sex crime attorneys have been able to pinpoint certain behavioral triggers that have led to a nightmare scenario that you would want to avoid if possible. A good way of achieving that aim would be to have an awareness of the red flags that you need to watch for when taking someone on a first date.


Is the conversation flowing?

Even allowing for the fact that it might be a little awkward when you first meet it is not a good sign if your date seems reluctant to give up any information that would help you to get to know them better. That could suggest they are being guarded for a reason and may not be as genuine as you had hoped, unless they are just a very shy person, of course.


Lack of flexibility when it comes to times and dates

We all have busy lives. However, a reluctance to agree to anything other than specific times and dates that they suggest could mean they might be hiding something important, like the fact they are already in a relationship.


Way too personal at an early stage

Flirting is a natural part of the dating process but there is a line that should only be crossed once you get to know each other better. If the messages you are sharing are a bit too hot to handle before you even get through the basic foundations of the relationship process, that should be a warning flag to heed about their intentions.


Signs of a controlling personality

If your date insists on ordering what you have to eat or drink rather than letting you choose for yourself, that is a warning sign that the person you are meeting might have a controlling personality.


A lack of empathy

Dating from a woman’s perspective is often more fraught with danger than from a man’s point of view. If the man doesn’t understand why you are reluctant to meet in a seedy part of town that displays a worrying lack of empathy.


If they follow a different set of rules

If your partner suggests meeting at a wine bar but then refuses to have a drink you might want to wonder why they suggested that sort of setting if they wanted you to drink but abstain from alcohol themselves.


Way too critical

A potential red flag that might even suggest that your date has narcissistic tendencies would be when they criticize everything from the food and drink to their ex-partners, and anything or anyone that doesn’t seem to meet their expectations or standards.


You can often get a good or bad feeling about someone from your instincts and if you use your gut as well as looking out for potential red flags it should help improve your chances of steering clear of potential trouble.


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