8 Reasons to Add Sunscreen in Your Skin Care Routine this Summer

We all have our own must-have items during the summer time. Personally, I never forget to bring out my bikinis and flip flops during this time of the year. This season is the perfect time to relax, take a dip in the water or maybe grab a beer by the seashore. Most, if not all, of these activities, entail staying out in the sun for long periods of time, which is why I never forget to carry my sunscreen with me. This time of year is the perfect time to discuss the importance of sunscreen.

I’m really hoping that you already have sunscreen in your everyday routine even if it’s not the summer time. If it isn’t, then maybe the important reasons listed below can convince you to add it in.

applying sunscreen

Premature aging

You have probably heard of the term “photoaging” which is an all-encompassing term for signs of aging as a result of constant and unprotected exposure to the sun. Photoaging can manifest in the shape of wrinkles or fine lines and even age spots. For a while, though most people believed that sun exposure caused premature aging, there wasn’t any scientific study that backed that theory. However, a study published in 2013 by the American College of Physicians’ Annals of Internal Medicine has shown conclusive proof that sunscreen can, in fact, protect you from the negative effects of the sun.



I briefly mentioned this in the previous paragraph, in the shape of sunspots. Basically, sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun in such a way that it will deter the formation of sunspots, hyperpigmentation, dark spots on face or any skin discoloration.

There is a misconception surrounding those that have darker skin tones. Some of them are of the belief that they do not need any more sunscreen since their skin tone will most likely not show any signs of sunspots. They are deeply mistaken. They still need sunscreen since they are still at the risk of uneven skin tone and discoloration.



I forgot to mention a very important point. When buying sunscreen, remember to get one that can protect you from both UVA rays AND UVB rays. Both of these are effective at protecting your skin from cancer. Remember that skin cancer can affect anyone from any age group or regardless if you are male or female, so always be sure to protect your skin!



We all have that one friend that is just obsessed with tanning. You have probably already warned her of the negative side effects of tanning, but I’m pretty sure it fell on deaf ears. The most you can do for her is to remind her to get sunscreen with a higher SPF. Most tanning lotions or tanning oils contain very low SPF in order to get a darker tan. I kid you not, I have seen one with only SPF 5 on it!


UV Rays

I’ve touched on the topic of UV rays and their possible effects in one of the preceding topics. As most of you already now, the ozone layer is responsible for absorbing harmful rays from the sun (as opposed to us absorbing it) but the ozone layer is currently in a state of depletion. This is why it is important to keep applying your sunscreen.



This is actually pretty self explanatory here. If you haven’t experienced having a sunburn before, you have not truly lived! I’m just kidding. But take it from someone who has gone through the process of having the skin on her face and back literally peel right off. Please  remember to not only use sunscreen when you are at the beach but also to constantly reapply it to ensure that you have protection all throughout the day. Be Sure to know the importance of using sunscreen.



If you are like me and you suffer from the occasional acne breakout but still have to suffer through the old scar or scabs then I’m telling you now, you will need sunscreen. Remember when we talked about hyperpigmentation? Well, that covers acne spots too. All the whitening night creams in the world will not heal your old acne scars if you don’t apply your sunscreen every morning.

importance of sunscreen

Easy application

I know this is pretty random, but I really wanted to talk about this. When I was in my teens, the main reason I didn’t like using sunscreen was because I felt like the formulation was too heavy or the smell was just horrible. I carried this belief well into my college years. But there is honestly no reason to feel that way nowadays. Skin care is now so advanced that formulations for sunscreen are usually lightweight and non-comedogenic. They even come with your moisturizer or you can apply them via a spray. How easy is that?


With the way our environment is shaping up nowadays, using sunscreen on a daily basis has become more and more of a necessity. The great thing though is one application will benefit you in a multitude of ways which makes it incredibly worth it in, my book anyway!






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  1. That’s a great list of tips!

    One more to add – keeps skin from drying out. Sun, heat, wind, cold, all of it can dry out the skin. A good sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF can protect you from the sun as well as create a barrier to keep skin moisturized.

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