9 Fun and Romantic Backyard Date Ideas


Are you planning a casual and fun date night with a new special someone or your long-time main squeeze and looking for a creative way to get together? If so, we have some ideas on how you can create the perfect date night atmosphere in your backyard. These dates are romantic and fun, which makes for an unforgettable night.


Outfits to Wear for Backyard Dates

Before we dive into our favorite fun and romantic backyard date ideas, let’s talk about what you should wear on these dates because we know that was your next question. Different dates will require different looks, but any of these outfits will work for a casual night in your backyard.

  • Cute Dresses—If you’re planning a cute and casual outdoor picnic, trendy dresses are the perfect outfit because they can be dressed up or down and they’re extremely comfortable. We love this look if you want to dress things up a little bit or you’re looking to impress your new boo!
  • Jumpsuits and Rompers—If you have a backyard date that’s packed with activities or you want to wear an outfit that’s cute and flirty but functional at the same time, we love cute jumpsuits and rompers. Not only will you look hot as ever in a jumpsuit or a romper, but they’re also perfect for any kind of date outdoors.
  • The Right Accessories—Backyard dates are usually pretty low-key, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add cute accessories to your date look. We love dainty necklaces that add a little bit of sparkle to any look. Whether you’re keeping it casual or dressing up a bit, these tiny accessories will add just enough impact. Similar to how you will determine your outfits, you’ll need to find the perfect pair of cute shoes that accommodate a casual date outfit or something more sporty for outdoor activities.


Fun and Romantic Backyard Date Ideas

Are you ready to infuse some fun and adventure into your relationship? If you’re looking for a date to plan that differs from you and your partner’s routine a bit, these dates are going to give you a new way to express your love and excitement for your relationship. Have fun with these dates that can be adapted to perfectly fit you and your partner’s style!

9 Fun and Romantic Backyard Date Ideas

1. Backyard Picnic

If you want to wine and dine with your partner in the backyard, have a cute picnic. You can easily elevate this date by making it a themed picnic where you both have a certain dress code or only eat a certain cuisine. Make sure to prepare all of your partner’s favorite foods for a successful picnic. A picnic also makes the perfect surprise date if you want to do something sweet for your lover.


2. Campfire S’mores

Do you and your babe love the outdoors? If you’re missing camping in the wilderness, put together a small bonfire in your backyard and roast some s’mores. If the climate allows it, you could even set up a tent and camp out for the night. Enjoy the night stargazing and having deep conversation!


3. Game Night

It’s always fun to be competitive with your partner, and studies show that playful competition boosts intimacy between couples. With that being said, put together a list of outdoor games you and your partner can play together in the backyard. From badminton to volleyball to horseshoe and maybe even a scavenger hunt, you and your sweetheart will have an unforgettable night that’s packed with fun.


4. Bring the Movies to You

If you want to host an intimate date night with your bae, you could always set up a projector and a screen in your backyard and play your favorite movies. You can easily get an air mattress and a bunch of cozy blankets and pillows so that you can cuddle up. And don’t forget the snacks!


5. Backyard Barbecue

If you’ve been cooped up in the house for too long and you just find yourself wanting a date with your partner outside, try cooking up some barbecue. It’ll be a nice way to cook with each other and enjoy great food outside. Top the date off with your favorite drinks!


9 Fun and Romantic Backyard Date Ideas

6. Manifest Under the Stars

If you and your partner love stargazing and spiritual things like manifesting, you could always create a comfortable area in your backyard during a full or new moon so that you can write down your manifestations and positive affirmations together. This could be a fun activity where you share your manifestations with your partner and even make some for each other. Don’t forget the wine!


7. Relax with Yoga

If you and your partner are working on your flexibility or just looking to relax, try setting up your very own yoga studio in your backyard. You can queue up a yoga routine from YouTube or you can teach your partner a yoga lesson. Either way, it will be a new and fun way to engage with each other outside.


8. Gardening and Adding Outdoor Decor

Have you and your partner been meaning to spruce up your backyard with new plants, fruits or vegetables? A perfect outdoor date in your backyard could be to get around to planting all of those new plants you’ve been wanting. This date is fun and interactive, and you’ll be crossing off something that has been on your to-do list!


9. Pool Day and Sunbathing

Whether you have a pool or you need to get a blow-up pool, spending a day outside and in the sun with your partner could be a much-needed relaxing date. Put on a cute, trendy swimsuit and dedicate the day to truly lounging around and enjoying some spicy margaritas!


Are you excited for these fun and romantic backyard date ideas? We are! Grab your boo and head outside for a day that you’ll both be looking back on fondly. If you end up loving your backyard date, make it a regular date! Spending time outside is beneficial for your health and it can help take your relationship to new heights.

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