Almondina: The Delicious Cookie Without the Guilt Review + GIVEAWAY

It’s not often I write about food, but although I’m a vegetarian, I am still a big foodie, especially when it comes to my sweets! I have been guilty of subbing cookies, brownies, and ice cream for dinner before! I workout daily so that I can fit sugar into my diet every day because I get monster afternoon and evening cravings!
Unfortunately, I know I’m not alone in this and I know a lot of us don’t have time to work out, or really even time to eat right! But there is a way to get your sugar fix without sabotaging your diet! 
Almondina cookies are made using no added fat, no cholesterol, AND no salt! The Almondina brand started in 1989 after Yuval Zaliouk’s beloved grandmother Dina passed down her secret delicious, yet super healthy, cookie recipe. Almondina cookies are made using the delicate flavor of roasted almonds, warm vanilla, and plump raisins.
Almondina a delicious treat you can eat anywhere at any time, even on the go! WHENEVER you get that craving for some sweets, but at about 120 per serving (4 cookies) you won’t need to feel guilty about it!
I got to try out several different delicious Almondina Flavors, including pumpkin spice, cinnaroma, ginger spice, sesame, choconut, and original.
I’m a Huge chocolate fan so naturally Choconut was my very favorite, but I loved ALL of these yummy cookies! I loved the crunch and the mix of almond, raisin, and chocolate. You definitely get that burst of chocolate, and the almond and raisin gives it a nice added texture as well as a nice nutty flavor too. Sort of like eating your favorite chocolate nut brownie but with a big crunch and burst of flavor!

I’ve absolutely loved snacking on these cookies over the last few weeks and loved that I could eat one or two throughout the day with no guilt! I loved all of the flavors and am dying to try more of them!

The sugar content is ridiculously low at around only 8-9 grams per serving. Have you looked at your breakfast cereal lately? It has about 2-3 times that, at least! Dessert doesn’t get healthier than this but you actually will not miss the added sugar, fat, or salt! These fabulous little cookies are bursting with delicious flavor! Almondina is all natural and kosher. Eat it as a snack, with your favorite soft cheese, crumbled over ice cream, with your morning tea or coffee, or with your favorite wine!

If you would like to learn more about Almondina or try some out for yourself, check them out today at today! You can also find them at your nearest Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joes, Cost Plus World Market, Fairway, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and more! They are sold all over the 50 states as well as many other counties!

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