CoreThird Express Powerbank backup Charger on the Go + a GIVEAWAY!

Ever been in that unfortunate circumstance where you’re out and about running errands, having drinks with friends, and you look down at your phone and have that sudden moment of panic because you just realized you’re at 2% Battery!?

Ugh heaven knows I have and boy can it be stressful! In this age, we’re pretty much all addicted to our phones and technology and that moment of realizing you might not have access to the internet until you get home, can seriously cause some panic! Am I right?!

Well there is absolutely no need to subject ourselves to this kind of stress! Don’t get caught with less than 10% battery ever again, even when you’ve been out all day long! CoreThird is here to help relieve your mind, and give you access to your phone no matter how low you’ve run that battery!

CoreThird Express is a backup portable powerbank battery charger. If you haven’t heard of one of these handy tools, (which if you had, I’m sure you would have one!) then please read on! The Powerbank portable charger by CoreThird is a handy small, lightweight charger (fits in the palm of your hand) you keep charged and then carry around with you in your purse for those emergency dead phone battery backups! They are super simple to use, just make sure to keep you’re USB cord stored with your CoreThird power bank, and plug it into your phone when the battery is low, and it will power it back up instantly! (You can still use your phone while charging so you never have to put down your phone, even for one second!) See now why you shouldn’t be without one of these handy gadgets?! Yep, they give you TOTAL peace of mind of knowing you’re phone will always have a full charge!

Boyfriend or husband complaining he has to go because his phone is about dead? Squelch the excuses and get him one of these (probably in blue – just a suggestion) and keep him in check! Note: This Makes a fantastic AFFORDABLE Father’s day gift! And what man doesn’t love a gadget?!

CoreThird phone charger on the go

CoreThird phone charger on the go

CoreThird phone charger on the go

CoreThird phone charger on the go

As you can see here, you can use this handy power bank battery backup charger for all of your gadgets! I tried mine out with my iPad, iPod, and iPhone. While the bank is small, you can still get a really great charge out of it. I ran my phone nearly dead (about 12%) and plugged this baby in and was amazed that it charges every bit as fast as plugging my phone into the wall. My iPhone 6 PLUS had a nearly full charge within about 45 minutes! I also loved that when my ipod had ran all the way dead, I could hurry and plug this little guy in and get some charge so I could finish my workout with music! (I hate working out without music, so thank you CoreThird!)

You’ll get about 1 charge per gadget with this power bank and a little leftover. CoreThird Express PowerBank adds an extra  150% life to an iPhone, 100% life to a Samsung S5, and over 100% to most other devices! AND You can however, keep charging and using the CoreThird power bank over and over, keeping it handy for those emergencies! It has a 3,000 mAh capacity with an output current (max) of 1.0A.

The CoreThird Express power bank also comes with high-quality Samsung lithim-ion cells and state of the art circuitry technology, so you get maximum safety when connecting it to your treasured devices! No need to worry!

I absolutely love the cute sleep design, and that I can get it in pink of course! It looks great just to carry around in your bag, and won’t take up much room at all as you can see here. (Men: It will fit great in your pockets!) There is really no reason at all to not keep this with you at all times! You never know when you may need your phone and look down to see that the battery is about to die! And for only $9.95, why wouldn’t you get this handy device anyway?!

CoreThird phone charger on the go

CoreThird phone charger on the go


If you’d like to learn more about the CoreThird Express power bank portable battery charger, or pick one up for yourself, be sure to check them out HERE on Amazon ($9.95!) and never run out of power again!

Happy Charging!

Right now, the lovely people of CoreThird are letting me GIVEAWAY one of these awesome power bank wireless chargers to one of my lucky readers (Available in blue or pink!)

Win a core third express power bank portable battery charger for your phone!

ENTER TO WIN This Powerbank backup charger in the rafflecopter form below!

This contest is open to US only!

Good Luck Lovelies! xo xo


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    I would get it in pink and I have been wanting to get something like this. Thanks so much.

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