Ditch Dinner & Drinks: 14 Unique First Date Ideas

How many first dinners and drinks dates are you going to go on before you realize that there may actually be better ways to have a first date with someone you’re interested in? We’re here to tell you that first dates have been wrong all along. While drinks and dinner may be an okay date to get to know someone you’re seeing, it doesn’t tell the full story or allow you to see someone in their element or outside of their comfort zone. And when you are getting to know a potential lover, you will want to see them in many different ways to get the full picture.

Here are some unique first-date ideas that aren’t drinks and dinner. Don’t worry about what to wear on a first date because we have lots of ideas both casual and formal. You’re going to want to pitch these to all of your app matches!

Ditch Dinner & Drinks: 14 Unique First Date Ideas


1. Cooking Class

Are you looking to put a spin on the dinner date idea but make it more interactive? Take a cooking class (in person or virtually) with your new love interest. While you may not get the opportunity to have a deep conversation, this could show you a lot about your date and the way they handle pressure and instructions. You could also see their creative side.


2. Game Night at the Arcade

If you’re someone who loves to get competitive with your partner, suggest having your first date at an arcade or the fair where you and your cutie can get to know each other over fun games. Keep your outfit low-key and comfortable for this date. We love cute jeans for women and a flattering blouse or graphic t-shirt.


3. Take a Museum Tour

Do you and your date enjoy the arts? If so, the first date at a museum is a great idea. You will have plenty of time to get to know each other and have deep conversations while also discussing the pieces you see at the museum. We love the idea of getting dressed up for this date. Trendy dresses are always perfect for a first date because you will feel beautiful and confident all night.


4. The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

This first date idea may be a little wild for someone who isn’t an adventure seeker. But if you’re looking to take the plunge into a new relationship and you’re also wanting a major adrenaline rush, try an extreme sport with your crush. From skydiving to bungee jumping or jet skiing, these sports are a fun way to get to know that special someone.

Ditch Dinner & Drinks: 14 Unique First Date Ideas


5. Grab Coffee

Looking for a more low-key date that isn’t dinner and drinks? Grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop. You will feel confident and in your element because it takes the pressure off of having a super formal, romantic first date.


6. Walk in the Park

Eating and drinking on the first date could come with a lot of pressure, which is why we love the idea of meeting up at a local park or a space with nice scenery and taking a walk. This could be a date you have with someone you’ve known but are looking to get to know on a deeper level.


7. Get Out of Town

Speaking of people you have known for a while, but are looking to take things to the next level with…if you are looking to boost intimacy between someone you have seen as a friend but want to become more romantic with, booking a day trip somewhere that you both can relax and spend more uninterrupted time together would be a great way to kick things off between the two of you. Whether it’s a cabin, a tropical destination or a staycation at your favorite hotel, the options are endless.


8. Plan a Picnic

This may be similar to a first date dinner, but it’s much more intimate and you have a better chance at getting to know the person you’re meeting. You can make this date more interesting by tasking each other to bring a dish that’s near and dear to your heart. The backstory you learn could have you falling faster than you think!


9. Sign Up for an Art Class

If first dates make you anxious, take an art class. These classes usually include a dozen people and your attention will be on your work of art, while also allowing you to see your potential partner in a creative light. From pottery to painting, these classes will have you looking forward to the first date.


10. Invite Them Out with Your Friends

If you’re planning a night out with your girlfriends and you want to see how your potential partner fits into your friend group, invite him and his guy friends out to dance the night away. It could be a really fun time that allows you both to connect and have fun in ways that first date dinners could never.


11. Batting Cages

Do you and your new love interest share a love for baseball? Even if you don’t, going to the batting cages could be a fun way to put both of you outside of your comfort zone and it could also be a fun way to learn about each other. If you two are the sporty type, this is right up your alley!


12. Bonfire and S’mores

If you live by a beach or a park where you can set up a bonfire—or you can even do this in your backyard—intimate conversations by a bonfire are always memorable and a great way to learn more about your new love interest. You can roast s’mores or bring your favorite drinks and snacks.


13. Wine Tasting

Are you and your new bae wine lovers? If so, take a trip to the countryside to go wine tasting. This will be an intimate yet fun date and there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the winery and get to know each other.


14. Seek Thrill at an Amusement Park

If you and your new boo love an adventure, check out an amusement park. Whether this park has huge roller coasters, bumper cars, mini-golf and/or laser tag, you’re sure to have a fun time!

Are you feeling optimistic about your first date? Now that you have these fun and creative first date ideas, we hope you have a special time and that this first date is a success!


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