Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad Review

This daily glow pad is AMAZING! I tried this yesterday morning for the fist time and was truly amazed when I noticed how glowing my face was last night!

This pad is very simple to use. Its basically a wet wipe you smooth on your face in small circles. The more you use, the darker the tan. I used it for about a minute and took my time to use up most of the liquid on the cloth.
Before bed last night I went to look in the mirror, and WOW! My face was glowing! It had a nice tan! I swear the glow made my fine lines and sun spots look like they had vanished too! I have used plenty of self tanners over the years but have never had such an amazing result as this! The pad was so simple to use and after about 12 hours, my face was truly glowing! It looked so good this morning I didn’t want to put on foundation to cover it up. I thought my skin looked perfect au naturale thanks to this wonderful product!
I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural tan with the perfect glow!

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