Dream Look Eye Lift Review

I have droopy eyelids and have tried everything but nothing seems to work. I was watching TV one day and saw an advertisement for DREAM LOOK. Dream look is adhesive clear strips you apply to the crease of your eye to help lift it. I was a little skeptical but thought “well, this seems more hopeful than a cream,” so I ordered it.
Here is my before pic:

It was easy to apply although it took me a few minutes to figure out exactly where to place them for the biggest effect. They stuck well and stayed. I was impressed with how much of a difference it really made. It didn’t mess up my makeup either. It went on right over the shadow and looked just fine.

Here is a pic with Dream look on the left to show you the difference:

And here is with DREAM LOOK on both eyes:

If you have hooded eyelids and need a lift then I definently recommend this product! It works, it stays, its not uncomfortable, its easy to use, and totally affordable! You can buy a pack of 32 for $19.99.
Be careful when you buy online though, they try to talk you into buying a bunch more, and a few other things, in a pretty sneaky way, so call them, wait until its in stores, or add what you want to your cart online and say no to any other offer that pops up on your screen!

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