Eco-Friendly, Vegan Customized Fashion with Sassy Eco Totes

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I’m seriously so sad right now after the release of IPCC report on climate change. Based on the report, even a slight increase in global warming can be disastrous for the entire humankind.

But there’s a way to stop it. And that’s by planting trees, cutting down on waste, and by making conscious choices in terms of EVERYTHING, like even what you eat! Recently making the choice to become Vegan (after being vegetarian for many years), not only do I feel that I’m helping minimize cruelty but being vegan is also very good for the planet! Think about all those resources the animals you eat are using up? Especially the Beef and Pork!

It’s not just trees and animals either, but when it comes to clothes, bags, and shoes we can be majorly more conscious of our effect on the planet by shopping better –  because these are some of the major land pollutants. In fact, fashion is now Earth’s #2 Pollutant! Pretty shocking right?! I recently watched a documentary on fast fashion and just how disastrous it is for our planet, not to mention how hard it is making it for eco-friendly fashion entrepreneurs to make a living! There is so much cheap clothing on this planet, that although you feel some good donating it, about 90% of it is being shipped to 3rd world countries who are becoming overwhelmed with all the fashion! It’s too much!

We need to invest in things that are durable and long-lasting so less stuff ends in landfills.

I’ve recently made the pledge to quit buying cheap clothing and only invest in good, quality clothing and accessories that will last me for years to come! Will you join me?

And I feel strongly that we need to support the brands that are making positive contributions towards the environment by producing high-quality stuff, following zero waste policy and supporting eco-organizations!  Sassy Eco Totes is one such brand. They create handbags from cork fabric which is obtained from cork tree without cutting them down! Awesome, right?!

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Customized Fashion with Sassy Eco Totes

Their bags are handcrafted using the finest raw materials which makes the bags extremely long-lasting. They even offer a 5-year guarantee on their bags, so you know you’re getting the best possible quality out there!

The best thing about their bags? All their bags are 100% customizable. They make your bags EXACTLY the way you want it. They give you complete control of the designing process. You get to choose the fabric color, the hardware color, and all the other extras. Want additional zipper pockets? You got it! Want longer straps? They can make them for you too!

Check out this bag that I ordered from their Javan Collection. I was able to pick my own favorite graphic and side panel colors for this bag, I’m so happy with the bag because it’s exactly the bag I had been wanting to have for SO LONG.

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Customized Fashion with Sassy Eco Totes

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