A refreshing under eye treatment you’re going to love! And the #antiaging benefits are amaze balls

I tried out this great product for the first time last night before bed. I felt like a little pampering and pulled out my sample and decided to give it a try! This product is placed underthe eyes for 15 minutes, and is said to help brighten the skin under the eyes, soften it, help diminish wrinkles, and reduce puffiness. Great for the morning after a night of partying a little too hard, or to use before getting your picture taken.

This product was very easy to apply. It feels slippery and wet but when placed under the eyes, feels so incredibly soothing. I thought it wasn’t going to stick on so easily, but standing up and sitting upright, they didn’t budge the whole 15 minutes. I sat down to watch some TV and just relaxed with my Eye Dews on. It felt like I was at the spa! Very relaxing. I would love to try these on an afternoon when I have time to just sit and meditate.
After removing the Eye Dews, which come off very easily, my skin felt so nice. I noticed the skin under my eyes looked immediately brighter and more luminous. It also felt very soft and moisturized.
This product exceeded my expectations. I loved using this and was very happy with the results. It is so simple to use and I really noticed a difference in the skin. I will continue to use this product, and if anything, use it just for some good relaxation!

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