For The Most Wonderful Night Of Your Life (Outside Honeymoon)

All the preparations have been completed, and the stress of planning the wedding is beginning to lift. It is slowly being replaced by sweet apprehension — tomorrow is the big day everyone has been waiting for. But before the sun rises on your exchange of vows, you would want to take a night off to have fun, get your in-laws acquainted, and appreciate everyone who has been an integral part of your journey. Now, if only you could give them an extra special welcome by means of an invite…

With Basic Invite, we know that each step of the wedding — especially one as pivotal as the rehearsal dinner — has to be carefully considered. That’s why we are offering high-quality invitation designs that will fit whatever theme your wedding and rehearsal dinner will be!

And when we say “whatever”, we don’t take it lightly. We have one of the most customizable templates in the industry, offering more than 180 custom colors. And while we have professionally-designed templatesfor you to choose from, we want you to completely own your invitations. That’s why our designs can be tweaked right down to the smallest details!

But when your in-laws receive the invite, they’re not getting some folded piece of stationery stuffed into a postal envelope. No — even our envelopes come in more than 40 colors, complete with a peel-and-seal flap for hassle-free preparation. It’s impossible to miss your rehearsal invites, and it’s impossible they’ll miss your pre-wedding night!

And of course, we know you’re tired with all the back and forth of wedding planning. That’s why we’re making things easier for you with our invitation sets, over 800 of them! That means you get a suite of invitations covering not just your wedding and your rehearsal dinner invitations, but everything else right down to the wedding menu. There are also keepsake Guest Books that are specially made for the occasion, not your run-off-the-mill variety. Its pages and unique design makes it an ideal way for your guests to leave their messages.

As we are committed to your total satisfaction, you can even request samples to be sent before the order, so you are sure everything really is as you want them to be! This lets you look at the print, the colors, the paper quality, and every other factor. That’s not something all stationery companies can offer, but when peace of mind is paramount Basic Invite goes the extra mile.

Invitations are not just you telling your guests about your rehearsal dinner. It is you conveying a sense of appreciation and thanks. It is you telling them that they are special and they are important to the success of this once-in-a-lifetime evening. Everything on your invitation must reflect that. Basic Invite takes care of the design and convenience so you can focus on keeping your fingers on the wedding strings.

So sit back and have fun on this night, and know that your invites will bring the guests to the venue without fail. Basic Invite has your back!

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