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Easy & Fun Way to Choose Healthy Products: HueApproved Scanner

It is hard to know what’s good to eat. Products may be marked as healthy but they may be misleading you. HueTrition has created the HueApproved Scanner!
The scanner helps make finding the right products easier. Simply scan a product and the tool will return a HueScore™ – that is a number between 0 – 7 that represents how healthy a product is.

When developing a way to gauge the healthiness of products, HueTrition wanted to ensure that they embraced several core beliefs that HueTrition holds about leading a healthy lifestyle:

  • That real, whole minimally processed food cooked at home is usually a healthy choice.
  • That packaged products are convenient and unavoidable and okay, just not a healthy choice for every meal every day.
  • That healthy eating is based on a pattern of choices and not on a single food, ingredient, macronutrient, or micronutrient.
  • That food is more than the sum of its nutrient parts.
  • That a wide range of products and foods can fit into a healthy pattern.
  • That dietitians and food coaches are on staff to help individuals develop their own healthy pattern.

How It Works:

Simply click the Scan button and use your device’s camera to capture the product’s barcode or enter the product name into the input field and search for a match.

It will look up the nutritional value of the product in the USDA Food Database, analyze, and return a HueAppoved Score.


Click here to learn more about the HueApproved scanner!


HueTrition Offers Private Online Cooking Class With a HueChefs

  • They Talk on HueTrition Live to learn more about your goals.
  • They send you a shopping list. You should shop the morning of your cook date to ensure the freshest ingredients.
  • They Connect on HueTrition Live at your convenience. You cook together via video from the comfort of your kitchen, and guide you step by step for a delicious meal.
  • You Eat! A personalized menu along with heating instructions will accompany each cook date.

All you’ll need for this subscription is a computer with a webcam or phone with a camera feature and access to the internet.

Check out their HueTube channel that is loaded with great nutritional advice! And shop for healthy products and services at the HueShop

We have a giveaway below but if you visit HueApproved – you can also enter to win a Complete Healthy Home Cooking Kit – that’s over a $200 value!  

Giveaway Details:

Sponsored by: HueTrition Organized by: 1 Winner – $25 Gift Card of your choice Open to US Residents Dates – Ends June 5, 2019 1159pm EST  

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22 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Win a $25 Gift Card from HueTrition”

  1. I keep sliced fruits and veggies in baggies in the fridge. It makes it easy for them to grab for a quick snack.

  2. Sheri Newell Anderson

    I serve the food in creative ways like making animals out of fruit and veggies, they love that, thanks!

  3. My kids have to at least try a new veggie/fruit before they decide if they like it or not. Id they dont like it, i just give them their favorite veggies

  4. my best “hack” is to let them make the shopping list and come with me and pick up thigns they like. if they think it was their idea, they will eat it.

  5. Jennifer Sparks

    I just try to use veggies in ways that dont taste like veggies. Zucchini Banana bread is a favorite.

  6. I got truly blessed my kids love healthy foods, all veggies and fruits are a big hit in our house even collard greens!

  7. I let them help me make fun dishes with fruits and veggies. I think it is because they are involved that they will then eat them!

  8. Leading my example is the easiest way. If we don’t buy junk they don’t eat it. If I make it for me they want to eat it too.

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