HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Must-Have Cookbook Gift for the Cook

Hey, lovely! I know many of you are going to be out, or maybe sitting at your computer doing some holiday gift online shopping, for the holiday season and I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite holiday gifts for the Cook on your list! The Instant Pot gained incredible popularity over the last few years but if you’re like me, you may be a bit perplexed at what exactly to cook in it, and how to cook it! For the cooks on your holiday gift-giving list, I’m sure many have an Instant Pot as well but maybe aren’t using it to the best of its ability! This is why The Ulitmate Instant Pot Cookbook by Simon Rush, will sure to be a hit with your loved ones who cook, this holiday season! It’s great for the beginner or advanced user!
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Must-Have Cookbook Gift for the Cook


The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook:

  • The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook offers a TON of variety of different yummy recipes that can be made in an instant pot! in fact, you’ll find over 800 foolproof recipes that are both quick and easy!
  • Whether the cook on your holiday gift-giving list is a newbie or pro, there is a dedicated section of recipes for every level of cooking! Being that I’m the newbie myself, I personally love the section “BASIC AND SIMPLE RECIPES.”
  • The cookbook has simple to follow directions, making it easy to cook out of your Instant Pot now matter what your cooking skill level is!
  • It’s also nicely organized and includes an index in the back of the book, making it super simple and quick to find specific recipes you’re looking for! The recipes are all simple and often don’t require a lot of ingredients either!
  • TONS of great recipes for the vegan/vegetarian too! I found this to be a huge perk being that I’m vegan!
  • SO many recipes to cook from this cookbook, no matter what your diet! Over 800 recipes to be exact!!
  • The Ultimate Instant Pop Cookbook has been a constant best-seller since it was first published, and it’s no wonder why! You can get every instant pot recipe imaginable in it!

Benefits of an Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker


1. Pressure cookers offer so many benefits that I don’t have to work very hard to convince you or anyone else about them anymore! They are now widely known, used, and loved by many, of all levels of cooking! I love them because they are super easy to use, especially for a novice cook like myself. I can easily make delicious recipes quickly in my Instant Pot, let it work its magic, and open it up some time later to a yummy, delicious, healthy, wonderful meal! Ready to go!Ā 
2. The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook by Simon Rush is a must-have for singles (like myself!) cooking enthusiasts and very busy families who don’t have as much time as they’d like to spend in the kitchen cooking home meals each night.
3. Many of us have been eating at home for most of the year thanks to Covid, and are probably bored with our usual meals or running low on new ideas of what to cook for dinner. With over 800 recipes in this user-friendly cookbook, you’ll never run out of fresh dinner ideas again! I eat something different every night with this wonderful cookbook and have even used it to make something yummy for breakfast too! My favorite is the Heavenly Coconut Pancakes recipe you’ll find in this awesome cookbook! I’m going to be trying out the yummy simply sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving!
4. The delicious recipes in this cookbook are balanced and work with any diet! They are easy to cook up and are filling too so you won’t be left feeling like eating again until the next meal! It also works great for picky eaters in your family, as there is truly something for everyone! You can find everything from breakfast to dessert recipes in this cookbook! There are tons of yummy appetizer recipes, soup recipes, and even a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie recipe!
5. It’s ultra time-saving! Most recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare! I especially love the cooking charts in the back of the book for extra guidance on using my Pressure Cooker!
6. Instant Pot’s can seem a bit intimidating at first, but this amazing cookbook makes it super easy to figure out, as well as will help you come to love using your instant pot and use it more often! At least that’s what it’s done for me!
7. You can find plenty of classic tried-and-true recipes in this cookbook without overthinking and fanciful ingredients. It really makes cooking about as simple as it gets! You can find recipes for every meal! The instructions in the recipes are easy to read in very simple terms!
8. The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook’s 800 recipes are super diverse and work for any diet plan including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly diets! It is the perfect A to Z guide with something for everyone! It is considered to be one of the most diverse, versatile instant pot cookbooks ever published!

Interested in picking up the Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook for the cook on your holiday gift-giving list? Pick it up HERE on Amazon for just $9!



Do you cook with your Instant Pot? What are some of your fav recipes to cook? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!


*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

36 thoughts on “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Must-Have Cookbook Gift for the Cook”

  1. (HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Must-Have Cookbook Gift for the Cook) I really like the way these cook food, but I am waiting a little longer for them to come down in price a bit before I buy one.

  2. I don’t yet have an Instant Pot but oh how I want one. This cookbook sounds like it would really help me make use of one.

  3. PERFECT timing! After years of wanting an Instant Pot but being leery of them (I had a pressure cooker lid blow off while canning green beans…the lid is still embedded in the ceiling!) I finally caved when I found a really good sale! I got the the Duo with the air fryer and keep asking myself now, “why did I wait?” This is what I have cooked with since I took it out of the box a few weeks ago.
    Been looking for a good recipe book but there are sooooo many I get overwhelmed. Thank you for this recommendation!

  4. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Need this! We use our Insta pot several times a week! Iā€™m trying out a chocolate cake recipe this weekend…

  5. I do not have an instapot, however, my friend does and has been singing the praises of that little tool. Having a good cookbook to maximize the experience is brilliant.

  6. My mom just got an Instapot and finding one recipe book that has a LOT OF RECIPES, that you actually like and would try is a lot harder to find than you would think !! Thank you for the help and for giving me a heads up!

  7. I love my instant pot and the versatility of it! This sounds like the perfect cookbook for it too, so many awesome recipes! Thank you so much for sharing.

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