Making Technology Invisible In Your Home

When you have purposely gone for a minimalist design in your home, it can feel cringe to have your technology on display with wires everywhere and black blocks of machinery against the simple white and taupe themes in each room. It’s rather unsightly, and with the need to be on trend, you’d rather not have a new flat screen television than be able to see one undo the look you’ve spent time cultivating. You’re not the only one.

The newest trends in home technology don’t just involve making your home smart and speak back to you when you ask it a question. Integrating your technology and making it invisible is a trend that most don’t know about and while getting the best service from your cable service provider and owning the best tech out there is on trend, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your look. Integrating your technology into your home is exactly what you need to make it less visible and blend a little better, so how can you get that in the home you’ve got?

Invisible Screens. A large television is a must for most people and they’re the focus point of any modern lounge. If you want to have the large television but don’t want to have it out and on display, it can be a pain in the neck (and back!) to constantly put it away in the garage. Why not hide it away with a cupboard sliding screen? Or better yet, you could install your screens behind mirrors, where it will remain unseen until you Netflix!

Invisible Projectors. A projector is often seen as a luxury standard, but you could have one built into the ceiling of your TV room at any time. It’s very popular in in-home cinema design and you could have it automated with remote controls. Mounting it on a lift where it discreetly hides away when you are done with it means that your minimalist look stays current and ready for you whenever you want.

Invisible Speakers. You’ve seen the home cinema sound systems in the stores, but when you bring them home they can be rather unsightly to have mounted behind you when you sit on the sofa. Why not integrate your speakers to be in-ceiling loudspeakers instead? These can be plastered over by experts and still be effective in what they are doing for your home and the ambiance that you want to create.

Invisible Controls. Among all this integration is going to be a lot of wiring and a screen to control it all. If you want it to be truly integrated, you need to make sure that all of that is hidden away and you could change your light switches to be motion sensor rather than ones you have to press.

All of these technological revolutions are currently creating a storm in the interior design world. Make sure that you are the first to get them installed into your home and you can be on trend now.

What are your tips for hiding technology in your home? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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