MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

*This Post contains affiliate links for which I will be compensated when purchases are made.

It’s finally here! The MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! Read on for fabulous products for everyone on your Holiday Shopping List! Gifts range from $10-$550!

Also, don’t forget to read to the bottom of this post where you will have a CHANCE TO WIN many of these fabulous Holiday Gifts, in the Rafflecopter form below!

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

For the Beauty Lover:

1. Microderm GLO at-home Microdermabrasion system

The Best Way to Get Beautiful, Glowing, More Youthful Skin at Home: Microderm GLO - 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Review

This handy tool does exactly what you pay good money for and spend all that time at the dermatologist’s office for, but you can do it right at home, in just 4 minutes, and it costs a mere fraction of what you’d pay your Doctor to have it done! In fact, it will save you (or your loved one!) thousands over time! Yes, THOUSANDS!

Microderm GLO is safe for all skin types! Not only is it just as high-quality and effective as an in-office treatment, but it’s actually #1 Dermatologist Recommended! I’ve heard of dermatologists actually telling patients to get one of these handy devices and save themselves some time and money by doing this quick treatment at home! In fact, it was created by a group of award-winning dermatologists!

Using the Microderm GLO regularly will also provide a more radiant complexion and glow too. It’s great for acne scars too and by keeping your skin healthy and clean, and shrinking your pore size too, it should help prevent future acne as well!  I love how soft and smooth my skin feels right after using it! What I love most about it, is that not only does it treat the signs of aging, but by increasing blood flow to the skin, it actually helps prevent them too! That’s right, it works to actually stimulate collagen and elastin production and actually works to firm and tighten the skin and keep it that way too! It also helps skin generate completely new cells! Hello, new youthful, beautiful skin!

It does all of this by gently and effectively removing dead, dull top layers of skin and even cleaning out dirt and grime buildup that may have been on your skin for years! I know, crazy right?! I had no idea dirt, bacteria, and grime actually built up on the skin, but it does. Cleansers are not always effective at completely removing pollutants and more from the skin, even though you may be completely thorough with your cleansings, you very likely still have some built up gross stuff that needs to literally be suctioned up and vacuumed off your face!

Don’t worry, the Microderm GLO isn’t as scary as it sounds. It is completely 100% safe, and FDA approved, and it doesn’t hurt at all. It uses a breakthrough diamond exfoliation tip to help remove that buildup and layer of dead skin. The suctioning effect then lifts it up and removes it completely from your skin. Don’t believe me? Just check the filter after each use, and you’ll see for sure how much yucky stuff it’s pulling from your face! It’s crazy!

I’ve loved using my Microderm GLO over the last monthh and have already noticed a significant improvement in my skin. My skin looks healthier! It has a nice fresh glow and looks more radiant too! It’s also already started evening out my skin tone as I’ve certainly developed some nasty sun spots from all my sunbathing this summer! It makes a great gift for women and men of all ages too! I’d love to get it for my niece who battled some acne in her earlier teens, to help diminish and erase the not-so-fun acne scars!

Oh, and I’m not the only one loving this incredibly innovative at-home antiaging beauty technology! Microderm GLO has already earned 16 product awards, including being voted as InStyle Magazine’s 2016 Best Skincare Product of the Year!

Read the Full Review HERE and Watch my Video on the Microderm GLO HERE.

Purchase the Microderm GLO Here:

Use the Code: MYSTYLE20 and get 20% Off your purchase at today!


For the Music Lover/Gamer:

2. Audio-Technica Headphones and Gaming Headsets

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY
This holiday season Audio-Technica makes giving the gift of great sound easy for music lovers and gaming enthusiasts. The AT-LP60SPBK-BT wireless turntable and speaker system let listeners enjoy records with wireless convenience — Bluetooth® speaker included! Audio-Technica’s wireless QuietPoint® noise-canceling over-ear ATH-ANC700BT, Solid Bass® ATH-CKS550XBT in-ear, and Pure Digital Drive ATH-DSR5BT in-ear headphones all offer outstanding wireless sound in a choice of styles. For everyone into gaming (which means just about everyone these days), the ATH-PG1 and ATH-PDG1 closed- and open-back gaming headsets take game audio to the next level.

The new AT-LP60SPBK-BT wireless turntable and speaker system make a perfect gift for anyone who wants to get started with vinyl listening — or rediscover their record collection. The AT-LP60SPBK-BT (SRP: US$199.00) comes with everything needed to listen to records including a fully automatic AT-LP60-BT turntable with pre-mounted Dual Moving Magnet™ high-quality cartridge plus a Bluetooth stereo rechargeable speaker and accessories.

The turntable provides 33-1/3 and 45RPM vinyl playback through the included speaker, which can be placed up to 30 feet away and even in another room. The turntable will also play records through other compatible Bluetooth wireless speakers, headphones and playback devices. The AT-LP60BT can also be used as a conventionally wired turntable and has a built-in switchable phono preamp for compatibility with the widest range of audio systems.

The compact rechargeable speaker features two 1.75-inch full-range drivers and a passive radiator in an aluminum enclosure for clear, powerful sound with enhanced bass. The speaker has buttons for controlling music playback and a mic that allows making calls from a smartphone. It includes a stand, AUX audio jack and a card slot for playing music from a TF or microSD card.

This holiday season Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint over-ear wireless active noise-canceling (ANC) headphones offer an unmatched combination of comfort, wireless convenience, and improved ANC technology. The noise canceling operates in a wider frequency range than typical ANC designs, yielding a major advancement in noise-canceling performance and audio quality.

The ATH-ANC700BT (SRP: US$199.00) features a handy touch and swipe control system for answering calls and controlling music playback. It employs large 40 mm drivers for impactful sound and supports Bluetooth codecs including aptX® and AAC for improved wireless audio. The ATH-ANC700BT is Hi-Res Audio compatible (when connected with the included cable). It provides up to 25 hours of battery life and can also be used in wired mode. Available in a matte black finish, the ATH-ANC700BT comes with a pouch, USB charging cable and a 3.9-foot (1.2m) cable with a 3.5 mm jack.

For some listeners, it’s all about the bass, and Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass ATH-CKS550XBT in-ear wireless headphones offer powerful low-frequency performance along with clear, detailed midrange and treble. The ATH-CKS550XBT (SRP: US$119.00) features a comfortable ergonomic design and is equipped to answer calls and control music playback. Its NFC functionality allows easy pairing with other devices. Available in black/gold and white, the ATH-CKS550XBT employs a 9.8 mm Dual Magnetic Field Multiple-Transition driver and a special bass venting system for exceptional bass reproduction and includes aptX sound-improvement technology. It comes with XS/S/M/L ear tips, a USB charging cable, and a cable for use if the battery runs out.

Is there a discerning listener on your holiday gift list? If so, they’ll be sure to appreciate the ATH-DSR5BT wireless in-ear headphones with Pure Digital Drive (SRP: US$399.00). This rave-reviewed, exclusive Audio-Technica technology keeps the audio signal completely digital from source to the driver, using a dedicated chipset to eliminate the sonic degradation that can be caused in traditional D/A converters and amplifiers. The result is remarkably pure, detailed and natural wireless audio quality.

The ATH-DSR5BT supports aptX, aptX HD, AAC and other wireless formats up to 24-bit/48kHz signals in Bluetooth transmission. Its rechargeable battery provides approximately eight hours of continuous use (500 hours standby). For listeners who prefer over-ear headphones, Audio-Technica also offers its smartphone-compatible ATH-DSR9BT wireless model with Pure Digital Drive (SRP: US$549.00), which incorporates ultimate-performance features including large 45 mm True Motion Drivers, 4-core voice coils and other refinements for natural music reproduction with extraordinary resolution and dynamic impact.

Games are always popular holiday gifts — and the gaming experience just isn’t complete without clear and powerful sound. Audio-Technica’s high-performance ATH-PG1 closed-back and ATH-PDG1 open-back headphones deliver an immersive, richly detailed sonic environment. The ATH-PG1 and ATH-PDG1 (SRP: US$129.00 each) offer a host of gaming-centric features including a flexible gooseneck microphone with detachable cable, smartphone cable, extension cable, and lightweight comfort-fit design. The headsets’ large-diameter drivers deliver intense sonic involvement with an expansive sound space that draws listeners completely into the playing field.

Purchase headphones, gamer headsets, and turntables here:


For the Fashion Lover:

3. A Beautiful Scarf from MarketPlace Africa

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

Local vs. global is a debate for many of us. Should we support neighborhood businesses or encourage social change around the world with gifts that support emerging economies? This holiday, Marketplace Africa suggests that we enjoy the best of both worlds and Eat Local, Shop Global.

Enjoy the fruits of your neighborhood by buying local produce, supporting farmers’ markets and patronizing nearby restaurants. Then shop for unique gifts that support entrepreneurs and artisans in emerging African markets through Marketplace Africa.

Marketplace Africa offers a range of gifts for everyone on your list, including unique women’s and men’s fashions that offer distinctive looks using both modern and traditional techniques, as well as jewelry, body care, handbags and more. DHL provides the peace of mind as the leader in global shipping and even verifies the product prior to shipping.

“It’s like sister cities for gift buying,” said Marketplace Africa CEO, Chris Folayan. “Your loved ones get unique gifts that highlight another culture and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference to an emerging business. Because, whether around the corner or around the globe, small businesses are the engine for economic growth.”

Marketplace Africa, a joint venture between global shipping leader DHL and Africa’s e-commerce leader,  Mall for Africa, features women’s and men’s fashion, jewelry, gifts, body care and more. The partnership takes the complexity and uncertainty out of global online shopping. DHL handles all logistics services for the marketplace, including an exclusive product-verification process prior to shipping, while Mall for Africa’s award-winning, patented e-commerce platform manages Marketplace Africa’s proprietary platform and payment system. So American shoppers have access to innovative designers and craftspeople across Africa creating stunning, world-class products using both traditional and cutting-edge techniques, while African businesses are able to connect to new markets and new customers.

Purchase the scarf for $34 and other fabulous fashion products here:

Be sure to shop on or before December 7th to Ensure Delivery before Christmas!


For the Wine Lover/Hostess/Foodie:

4. The Wine Lover’s Apprentice Book by Kathleen Bershad 

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

The Wine Lover’s Apprentice is a quick and easy guide for anyone who wants to learn more about wine but doesn’t know where to start. It’s written in a chatty, breezy style with tips and hints for picking a bottle of wine from a store shelf or restaurant list; suggestions on serving and storing wine; and details on how to know what you’re tasting when you taste wine. In addition, The Wine Lover’s Apprentice breaks down the world’s major wine regions into easy “sips” that include an overview of the best and best value areas to look for when you’re wine shopping, plus lots of other fun facts and info! This is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life!
I personally got my hands on this book and read it, and it’s AMAZING! Where has this book been all my life?! I’ve learned so much from it and have been sharing it with my fellow wine-loving friends! This is a fabulous, inexpensive gift I’ll be personally picking up for some of my friends and family this Christmas!
Here are a few exerts from the book so you can get an idea of some of the amazing, super informative wine info you’ll find in it!



For the Fashionista/Instagram Influencer/Fashion Blogger:

5. Echo Look by Amazon, Featuring Alexa

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

I personally picked this up for myself on Cyber Monday. Being a fashion blogger, I knew this is something that would totally come in handy for me! But you don’t have to to be a blogger or influencer to appreciate its amazing hands-free picture/video taking abilities and other fab features either! This baby will actually help you organize your closet and help you choose the best outfit too!

  • Take head-to-toe photos and six-second videos of your outfit with the voice-activated camera
  • Compare outfits to find out which looks better and why with Style Check
  • Freshen up your look with items recommended to go with clothes you already own
  • Echo Look automatically organizes your wardrobe by weather, occasion, season, and more
  • View your outfits from every angle, select your favorites, and share with friends

It’s incredibly easy to set up and takes only a few seconds with a quick download of the app! The pictures are absolutely amazing and the camera naturally blurs the background, giving a really amazing professional quality that is so hard to find anywhere else- especially hands-free! This amazing camera is easily worth every penny and I know it’s something I will continue to use daily!

Get it Here on (Right now it’s just $49! Reg $199!!!)


For the Fitness Lover:

6. Strongboard: Burn twice the calories with every workout!

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

Unlike any other balance or stability trainer on the market, StrongBoard Balance® employs Multi Spring Technology™ (MST). With a flat, rubberized platform, and 180 degrees of tilt in every direction, StrongBoard Balance® offers the most dynamic range of motion while simulating real-life situations and sports movements. It allows individuals to use their own body weight to create resistance and instability. As the human body naturally seeks stabilization, it must recruit various muscles and keep the core engaged throughout the workout. StrongBoard Balance® is a first class lever system offering stimulation through multiple planes. As every action has an equal reaction, the spring technology forces variable surface movements requiring the user to react and adjust to involuntary shifts in weight distribution. Simply standing on StrongBoard Balance® provides a complete core workout.

Who will benefit from it? Whether users are sedentary or athletic, StrongBoard Balance® offers a challenging workout for everyone, every time. Regular use of StrongBoard Balance® improves overall balance, coordination, posture, and strength through various functional training movements. StrongBoard Balance® also provides joint mobility, dynamic, and core stability, increasing flexibility and range of motion. This unique training aids in hip and torso stabilization and increases muscle memory by creating motor neurons and heightening your vestibular system. These actions expedite injury rehabilitation, help prevent future injuries, benefit geriatric conditions, and most of all, and make exercise challenging and fun!

StrongBoard Balance® utilizes MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ that works with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time.

I’ve been using the StrongBoard for a few months now and love how much of an ab workout I get no matter what I’m doing! It is tough and works the body and makes any workout a great workout! I love that I’m improving my balance while burning those calories too! You can also customize the board by choosing the color of the springs!

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

Don’t forget to join their email list and get new weekly workouts using the StrongBoard – sent right to your email!

Check out The Science Behind StrongBoard Balance® and purchase it Here (starting at $269) from


The Gifts for the Friend who Already Has Everything:

7. The EmbrWave Bracelet

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

The New Breakthrough Embr Wave bracelet lets you control your temperature! Embr Labs, the first company to make temperature personal, is helping people find warmth and relief during the holidays with an extraordinary stocking stuffer: the Embr Wave bracelet. The company’s flagship product, Embr Wave is a revolutionary new wearable device that precisely cools or heats the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, helping you feel cooler or warmer in minutes.

Stocking stuffers tend to be throw-away gifts, little knick-knacks that are more about novelty than meaning. That changes with Embr Wave. Embr Wave is a revolutionary new smart bracelet that lets you cool down when you’re hot or warm up when you’re cold. It uses waveforms, Embr Labs’ patented thermal technology, to precisely stimulate the thermoreceptors on your skin, triggering your body to feel more comfortable. Embr Wave’s thermal sensations provide a similar feeling to holding an ice cube or warm mug against your wrist.

“Embr Wave is a holiday gift that people will never forget,” says Sam Shames, co-founder of Embr Labs. Instead of tracking your steps, it’s a piece of technology that actually helps you feel better each day – it’s the gift that never stops giving!”

About Embr Labs

Embr Labs is a “feelable” technology company focused on wellness that harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to improve thermal comfort. The company’s flagship product, the Embr Wave, is an interactive bracelet that allows people to control how cold or hot they feel. It leverages precisely engineered algorithms to deliver temperature sensations in waves, triggering the human body’s natural response to temperature change to help people feel more comfortable. Embr Labs was founded by four MIT scientists and is backed by investors including Bose Ventures and Intel Capital. For more information, please visit

This is for sure something I’m really hoping to get this year for Christmas! I tend to always be cold and I can’t even imagine being able to warm up at the simple touch of a button! This gift is great for anyone who tends to run on the hot or cool side, or perhaps for maybe a family member or friend who is going through Menopause. Ugh! Just a thoughtful little gift to help keep them comfortable!

Purchase it here (available in metallic gray) for $299 at 

Visit from Now Until CHRISTMAS and get $50 – making the EmbrWave just $249!


8. The New Dyson Hair Styler

MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

This one is a little pricier (think anywhere from $550-$1000, depending on where you get it and what attachments you get), but it makes a pretty amazing gift for the beauty lover on your shopping list! The set comes with a pre-styling dryer (something that would cost about $300-$400 on its own! Plus you get 4 curling barrels, 2 smoothing brushes, and a volumizing brush too! It truly is an ALL-in-one hair styling kit! 

Here’s what you get with the blowdryer attachment alone:
  • Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control
  • Ultra-fast drying. For fast-drying you need controlled, high-velocity airflow
  • Magnetic attachments – Dyson smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser
  • Lightweight and balanced. We’ve turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle
  • Acoustically tuned. The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency
  • Cool to touch. With heat shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool
  • 4 precise heat settings – fast drying & styling, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold
  • 3 precise speed settings – fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying

And what you get with the styling set:

    • ATTRACTS AND WRAPS HAIR USING ONLY AIR – The Coanda effect attracts hair to the barrel, then wraps it for you, using only air.


    • STYLES AND DRIES SIMULTANEOUSLY – Combines powerful airflow with controlled heat, to dry your hair as it styles.


    • NO HEAT DAMAGE – Intelligent heat control measures air temperature over 40 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage while styling.


  • SET CONTAINS: Pre-Styling Dryer, TWO 1.2″ Airwrap Barrels, TWO 1.6″ Airwrap Barrels, Firm Smoothing Brush, Soft Smoothing Brush, Round Volumizing Brush

The Dyson hair styler is what you expect from any Dyson product- the superior quality that dries faster than other blow dryers and stylers, all while not doing any damage to your hair! (which unfortunately is what most hair straighteners, curling wands, and stylers are doing!)

Get it Here on and check out all the TONS of rave reviews here while you’re at it! 

This is a holiday gift that won’t disappoint!


There you have it, The MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday gift guide, featuring 8 gifts – perfect for everyone on your Holiday Shopping List!


Now here’s your chance to win them! 

ENTER TO WIN prizes from Microderm Glo and more!

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Open to U.S. Residents only!

Good Luck Lovelies! xoxo


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Embr Wave for automatic heating and cooling
MyStyleSpot 2018 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

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  1. I want the EmbrWave AND the Dyson dryer. I’ve been very very good this year, and patient, very, very patient. Of coure the Microderm Glo would also rock my world, I’m flexible.

  2. That EmbrWave bracelet sounds amazing! The temperature at work is so finicky that I’m either too hot or too cold. Would love to be able to self regulate!

  3. I’d take the EmbrWave bracelet for myself, but I’d love to gift the scarf to my mom! The design reminds me of a snowy day and she loves the cold weather. And pretty scarves!

  4. My favorite product in the Holiday Gift Guide is the EmbrWave Bracelet, which I would gift to myself since I’m cold-natured.

  5. My favorite product in the Holiday Gift Guide is the New Dyson Hair Styler. I must say I would have to keep this for myself. It is on my wish list!

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