Natural Ways to Avoid Sunburn this Summer

With summer upon us, most of us are eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine at
last. However, as we all know very well, sunburn poses a serious threat in the
summer months. While the immediate effects of minor pain and redness are merely
temporary, your risk of skin cancer increases drastically with each sunburn, as does
your likelihood of getting wrinkles and an uneven complexion.

To protect yourself from the sun, go for a natural fix.Dr. Christopher Calapai DO., a New York City Osteopathic Physician board-certified in family and anti-aging medicine, suggests the following
natural solutions to relish the sunshine without sacrificing your wellbeing:

1. Pay attention to the timing of your sun exposure

Peak sunburn hours are around 11:00-2:00 (or more broadly, 10:00-4:00), so if you’re
planning on spending a prolonged period of time outdoors, aim to do so earlier or
later in the day than this time frame. Additionally, limiting your time in the sun
is beneficial, as people of all skin complexions can absorb maximum vitamin D from
the sun within an hour, and for fair-skinned people, it can take as little as 10
minutes. Smaller segments of time in the sun will decrease the risk of burn. Plus, as
your skin gets darker over the summer through short increments, your skin will
acquire an increased tolerance to the sun’s rays and you will be able to spend more
time in the sun sans damage.

2. Defend your skin from the inside out

Many people do not know that what you eat has a massive impact on your skin’s
reaction to sunshine. Build up reserves of powerful antioxidants in your body with a
varied, healthy diet in the warm months. Green tea, tomatoes, red wine, fatty fish
like salmon, almonds, citrus fruits, and greens all contain vitamins and antioxidant
phytochemicals that can support the skin’s response to UV rays and greatly impede
skin damage. As a general guideline, focus on colorful, whole foods and avoid
refined oils and processed foods to maximize the skin’s response to the sun.

3. Keep your skin moisturized prior to sun exposure

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Apply moisturizer before going outside in the sun to
make sure your skin is in its most prime state to defend itself and not get dry,
red and damaged. Keep in mind, moisturizer is not enough in itself to prevent skin
damage, but as an added measure, it can be very effective.

4. Check your medications

Many common medications, both prescription and OTC can increase your skin’s
susceptibility to irritation and damage from the sun. These include painkillers
like ibuprofen, antibiotics, antidepressants, and acne medications, among others.
Check your medication’s labels to ensure that it is safe to be in the sun while on

5. Consider wearing light clothing

You do not need to have all of your skin exposed to enjoy the summer’s warmth and
sunshine. Wearing loose clothing made with light fabrics like cotton or linen
protects the skin from damage while allowing you to stay cool. Don’t forget your
sunglasses, and you can enjoy the sun in comfort, style, and great health.

6. If you do want to use an over-the-counter sunscreen, go for a mineral-based
one, rather than a chemical-based one.

Mineral-based sunscreens include those that are zinc oxide- or titanium
dioxide-based. These reflect, rather than absorb, the sunlight and seem to be safer
than their chemical-based counterparts. As a rule of thumb, 15-30 SPF is as much
protection as you need. Furthermore, the more familiar the ingredients are in your
sunscreen, the better it probably is for your skin. Look for ones enriched with
vitamins, natural extracts, and other antioxidants. These can greatly improve your
skin’s response to potential UV damage.

Happy Sun Bathing!

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  1. I remember my teen years, late 70’s/early 80’s era, when we deliberately oiled up in baby oil and laid out in the sun at high noon, trying for that ultimate tan. Yep, we were idiots, lol.

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