Got Thinning Hair? This Works!

I recently got to try some Revivogen Pro hair products, and for those of you who don’t know, Revivogen is a natural solution to help regrow and thicken up thinning hair with no side effects. Both Females and Males can use it! Revivogen was started in 1999 by Dr Alex Khadavi, and has been recognized as a powerful solution to hair loss. If you check out their website, you will see lots of great testimonials and pictures from customers who have had a great experience with Revivogen!
Revivogen Pro has a great line with all types of products designed to address the root cause of thinning hair including a Cleansing Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, Hair Mask, Dry Shampoo,  a Scalp Therapy Treatment, and an Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser, used to cleanse and exfoliate the scalp to allow for maximum hair growth. This awesome line also adds body and shine to give you beautiful, luxurious, healthy hair as well as desired hair growth!

When my products arrived, I couldn’t wait to dive into them, test them all out, and see exactly what it could do with my hair! I found all six of the products very easy to use, and only taking a few minutes each (except the hair mask that you obviously want to sit on your hair for about 20 mins).


The Scalp Therapy (the little bottle above) is used daily to help with re-growth and is just applied directly to the scalp with just a few squirts.


I also used the Exfoliating scalp cleanser a few times a week to help remove dead skin cells, help improve circulation, and energize hair follicles. It goes on and foams up on the scalp for about 5-10 minutes. I would use this after shampooing in the shower, while I shaved my legs. I especially liked this product because I tend to suffer from a little scalp dandruff since my hair and skin are very dry.



I felt like My dandruff improved a bunch while using my Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser! In fact. I really haven’t seen any dandruff at all for the last month that I’ve been using my Revivogen Pro products, except maybe a little around the scalp (which is usually due to my extremely drying acne products).

The Hair Mask was my absolute favorite. I noticed the biggest difference in how soft, smooth, and shiny my hair looked after using it! It was also a really great hair detangler as well!

As you can see above, the hair mask is super thick, rich, and creamy as well as the Thickening conditioner (pictured below).

The Revivogen Pro website suggests that it takes about 2 months of continued use to see fuller thicker, hair. After 6 months of treatment, there should be noticeable improvement, with optimal results reached after 1 year of continued use.
So after using all of these products for a month, I have been extremely happy with my results so far!
I think in my scalp pictures below, you can actually see a small difference already!
Looks a little fuller around the scalp right? Like I said this is only 1 month of use, so I’m way excited to see where this product takes me in the future!
Also a side note about my Revivogen Pro hair products… I had only been using them a few weeks when I went to Utah and meet up with my sister, and as soon as she saw me, she exclaimed, “Wow, your hair looks great! It looks so healthy and shiny!” My hair is usually so dry and dull I never get this kind of compliment so I was thrilled that she noticed right away! I can’t help believe that it has to do with my new Reviogen Pro hair products!
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Are you experiencing thinning hair or just have fine hair you would like to thicken up? Then be sure to check out today and get that full, healthy hair you’ve always dreamed of! You can also shop them HERE on amazon!


* I was given these products for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

6 thoughts on “Got Thinning Hair? This Works!”

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. I actually haven’t used it in months as i ran out of product, but my hair did get noticeably thicker. I also shared with my sister who has thin hair and she noticed a difference as well. Hope this helps!

  1. I am not bald, but I see I am balding or to the point that you can see my scalp from a certain angle, just wanted to ensure the fullness of my hair. I ordered the Shielo Volume Shampoo product because I felt my hair might have been thinning slightly and wanted to take a preventative measure. I ordered Shielo 3 months ago and I still have at least 1/3 of the bottle left. It really lasts a long time and just a small amount lathers up to a lot. The Shielo Volume has improved my hair thickness and am completely satisfied with the price paid since it lasted for so long.

  2. Has your hair fallen back to its previous state after you have stopped using it? or are you still using it?

    1. HI thank you so much for your comment! Unfortunately I only had these bottles to try out so I haven’t been using it. I haven’t noticed any change in my hair but I also use biotin regularly.

      If you haven’t tried Biotin vitamins, this would be my number 1 suggestion! It takes a year for them to start working (taken daily), but my hair is both longer and thicker then its ever been since I’ve started taking them regularly for the last 2-3 years!

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