The Many Benefits of Drinking Tea + My Fav Organic and Herbal Teas

I wasn’t always a tea drinker. In fact, I didn’t start drinking tea until my mid 20’s when I put on some unwanted pounds after graduating college and had read that Green Tea is great for boosting metabolism and actually aiding in weight loss. And that’s just one of the amazing perks and health benefits of drinking tea!

The truth is, drinking tea has MANY health benefits!

The Many Benefits of Drinking Tea

People have always known that though, that’s why tea has existed for so long and has been used regularly for hundreds of years all over the world for many health and medicinal purposes.

I was, however, surprised to learn just how many major health benefits of drinking tea does have when consuming it regularly!

Here are just some of the MANY health benefits of drinking tea:

1.Tea can help reduce the risk of both heart attack and stroke. Honestly, If I wasn’t a tea drinker already, that would be reason enough for me to start! My grandma recently suffered a second stroke. Those things are awful and I can’t help but wonder if my grandma had drunk tea if that could have been avoided (she neve drank it at all).

Of course, it’s important to keep a healthy diet, eat whole (unprocessed) foods, vegetarian when you can, and exercise regularly, in order to stay healthy and at your best, but adding in some tea to your daily routine certainly couldn’t hurt, right?!

2. Drinking tea regularly can improve energy and exercise endurance. I had also read this about green tea before starting my daily habit of drinking it in my 20’s to help lose weight. I started working out regularly each morning and started adding a cup of green tea to my healthy morning routine in order to get more of a boost in my workout and hopefully burn some more calories!

Now that I’m a little older, I like to drink green tea for the extra kick of energy to help me power through my day!

3. The Antioxidants in Tea can help protect against cancer and mental health issues. Again, two very important reasons to drink tea regularly! It’s been shown over and over how effective antioxidants are for keeping the body and brain both healthy and strong. Our bodies and mind need antioxidants and tea is chock full of them!

4. Tea has been found to improve bone strength and density. As we age, we could all use stronger, healthier bones! Personally, I think as we age, maybe upping a cup of tea per day isn’t a bad thing either! What do you think?

5. Tea is soothing for the digestive system. I can attest to this one personally, as embarrassing as it is to say. I’ve suffered my whole life with… eh, slower-moving bowels. When I started drinking tea more regularly, I noticed a ton of improvement in this area, almost immediately! Plus the extra boost of hydration (yep Tea still hydrates the body even though tea has some caffeine!) from drinking it is always helpful too, right?!

6. Tea can also keep teeth healthy and strong. This one strikes a major chord with me lately, as I’ve just recently found out one of my baby teeth is falling out (yep, I still have some weird baby teeth that have been hanging on for 39 years with no permanent tooth behind it to push it out!)

As we age, our teeth can start to discolor, become weak and are more prone to chipping and breaking too. Drinking tea regularly can help keep teeth healthy and strong and save us a ton of money on those expensive dental bills (like my $5000 baby tooth replacement- OUCH! And that’s just 1 of 3 baby teeth I still have!!)

7. Drinking Tea helps boost the immune system. I like tea all year long but this motivates me to drink it more often when the cooler months come and those nasty colds and flu’s start flying around town!

8. Tea helps regulate blood sugar. This is good for any of us, (especially me- since I love my sugar), but also great for diabetics too! Tea works some magic here and helps the body process sugar more effectively. Our bodies work so hard to regulate sugar, a little aid here is for sure a good thing!

9. Tea can help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss (specifically green tea here). Yep, I already said it above, but I have a feeling this one really resonates with most of you (like it did for me!) So start drinking that tea already and help your body become its fitter, happier self!

Pretty much any good organic and herbal tea will do the trick here on most of these tips I’ve provided above, and help you achieve a healthier brain, mind, bones, teeth, etc!

However, I think it’s still wise to pick a good quality tea, as teas are not always created equal!

My personal favorite is Tipson Teas. These teas focus on providing superfoods to the body in a yummy, delicious, very easy to drink tea (even if you’re not a huge fan of tea!)

These amazing teas are super tasty and use only the highest quality wellness ingredients that are carefully sourced and skillfully created into yummy teas by food technology professionals!

9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Tea + My Fav Organic and Herbal Teas

Tipson Tea is organic and fresh, locally sourced, and has very minimal processing! The teas are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to powerfully energize the body and keep it healthy and strong!

Tipson Tea has TONS of great flavors too and superfood ingredients like Matcha, Moringa, and Turmeric, which I’m sure most of you have heard by now how amazing each of these superfoods is for the body all on its own! But combined in a tea with tea’s already super powerful health benefits, Tipson Teas are pure genius!

Choose from over 20 different flavors too, so you’re sure to find the yummiest for you! My personal favorites are the Matcha Blueberry and Matcha Masala Tea! Yum!!!

You can also get some other amazing health benefits from Tipson Tea, like better sleep with their Sleep Well tea, and detox benefits with their Detox Tea and Liver Cleanse Tea.

9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Tea + My Fav Organic and Herbal Teas

Interested in trying out Tipson Tea for yourself? Visit them at today!

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What benefit above gets you most excited to drink tea? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you!

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72 thoughts on “The Many Benefits of Drinking Tea + My Fav Organic and Herbal Teas”

  1. I drink a lot more coffee than tea, but now that we’re getting to cooler months I’m excited to drink tea again!

  2. I did not know that tea was good for your teeth! I did know it was good for you in other ways, though. I’m a daily tea drinker, so I feel like I’ve been accidentally being healthy. LOL

  3. As a Southerner, I drink a lot of tea, just a different kind. lol My sister drinks a ginger tea when she has IBS flare-ups. These are all great reasons to drink tea and is something I should probably start drinking.

  4. I have recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka in which I have learned a lot about tea. I usually drink tea during the day instead of eating snacks, but only green or black. I don’t like flavored tea.

  5. I need to start drinking more tea!! I’ve always enjoyed both tea and coffee…herbal teas are so soothing and comforting some days though. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Those look like great teas. The moringa and mango tea sounds wonderful. I like the health benefits of drinking quality teas.

  7. First time I am reading some benefits of drinking tea. I am proudly say that I am tea lover 😉 Thanks for sharing this article

  8. It’s an awesome piece of writing in support of all the web users; they will get advantage from it I am sure.

  9. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for first-time blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

  10. I love teas and only tend to drink Chinese or herbal teas so love all the teas which you have shared here. I tend to use turmeric in my cooking so don’t drink it, but love moringa tea

  11. Melissa L Cushing

    Wow…. I had no idea of all of the wonderful benefits that drinking tea provides. Very cool to know and I have always loved tea so this is a good thing 🙂 Thank you for sharing and love all of the valuable info.

  12. I am not much of a tea drinker but after reading this information I am wanting to drink tea 🙂 thank you for sharing these wonderful benefits.

  13. My teen loves to drink tea, and our neighbor introduced her to herbal teas to help with certain times of the month, etc.. so far it is going well. I agree that tea does have many wonderful properties.

  14. Thank you so much for the awesome review! I love tea and drink a lot of it during the fall/winter months. I need to try this.

  15. It’s good that tea is great for the immune system, especially during cold and flu season; I should drink it more often, but I love my coffee!

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