The Memorable Dresses & Gowns That Are Never Forgotten

Along the journey of a woman’s life, there will be many different milestones that will be engraved within her memory forever. These milestones begin from a young age when she was a child and will continue on over the years even after she has had children and grandchildren of her own. One of the most precious thoughts that can be considered about many of the special moments that occur throughout a woman’s life is that they are normally marked with a special dress or gown. How so? Let’s consider it one milestone at a time.

The First Dress

When it comes to the very first dress that a woman wears as a young child, there can be many different variations of this particular milestone between women. One person may have worn their first dress as a young baby, possibly for a christening. Others may have had their firsts as toddlers and there are some that did not wear the first dress until they were adolescents and teenagers. Regardless of the point in time that this milestone took place, the memory of these wearable gifts for girls are still planted in the minds of their parents and shared with them when they get older.

The Prom Dress

The Memorable Dresses & Gowns That Are Never Forgotten

Many years after the first dress is worn, one of the most memorable dresses that mothers and daughters both seem to cherish for many years is the prom dress. There may have been many other dresses and gowns that have come and gone in between the first dress and the prom dress, but they seem to become faded memories once the prom dress has been introduced into the equation. This is the moment when their mothers begin to realize that their little babies truly are not little babies anymore.

The Graduation Gown

Another important dress or gown that seems to be filled with significance and sentiment is the graduation gown. Whether it is for high school or college, when a woman puts this own and stares at her reflection in the mirror, it becomes apparently clear to her that she is about to embark on a brand new chapter of her life as she has suddenly come to the end of the previous chapter. That moment will stay with both her and her parents forever.

The Little Black Dress

Once she has truly embarked on the adulthood phase of her journey, there is going to come a time when she is going to buy herself a little black dress from an online fashion store such as ZAFUL. Even though she may have had black dresses before, this particular one is going to serve as a sign that this little girl isn’t a little girl anymore and she has truly grown into her own as a woman. Now, it’s time to embark on the roller coaster of life that her parents may have tried to shield her from throughout her childhood.

The Wedding Gown

The Memorable Dresses & Gowns That Are Never Forgotten 2

The wedding gown is the garment that brings everything back around full circle for most women. She is no longer a child and now may even be on her way towards becoming a mother of her own daughter. That is when the never-ending cycle of dresses and gowns will begin for a new generation and she will be able to use her own dresses and gowns as memorable gifts for girls that will be continuously shared for many years to come.

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3 thoughts on “The Memorable Dresses & Gowns That Are Never Forgotten”

  1. Dorothy Boucher

    I love what you wrote here and it is, I got to wear a gown once but my husband passed, Choosing the right one for great memories is so important.

  2. It’s so true. There are certain dresses we remember forever because they remind us of the special moments in our lives. Hopefully happy memories.

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