Tipi Wedding – The Best Wedding Solution

Everybody wants their wedding to be a special occasion. Choosing the perfect wedding destination can be very difficult and challenging. Tipi is basically a blank canvas where you can put the colors of your choice and make a portrait accordingly. So, Tipi Wedding is basically your tailor-made wedding planner where your wishes will be given preference. It really does not matter if you want a simple or themed wedding as on the wedding day you will notice a magical tipi transformation according to your taste. The transformation will surely take your breath away.

Tipi Wedding - The Best Wedding Solution

Tips to plan a Tipi wedding:

The tips for planning a Tipi wedding is given below

  • Coming up with a perfect location – It is not easy to choose the right location for your wedding. As location plays an important role so there are a large variety of options of venue available for you to plan your big day. It can be a hotel lawn, club, country house, field, meadow or a manicured garden. You can put your Tipi anywhere. The setting of the Tipis can also vary – from traditional to bohemian.
  • Choosing the timing – Spring and Summer seasons are the best time for Tipi wedding. Though Marquee tipis are suitable throughout the year.
  • Providing comfort to the guests – Make sure if your tipi is comfortable to your guests. There are various options available for tipi arrangements keeping the comfort of you and your guests in mind.
  • Make sure to avail the basic facilities – It is essential to check if all the basic facilities (loos and generator to name a few) are covered otherwise your special day might become a messy one.
  • Stuck to the plan – It is better to choose the best suitable Tipi wedding package for your wedding day and then stick to it. As this kind of wedding requires a bit more legwork compared to other kinds. Therefore, it is better to give enough time to the organizers to arrange everything perfectly.
  • Budget – Generally, tipis are more pocket-friendly than the hotel or burn weddings. There are packages available for you to choose from. Even they can be customized by many organizers to satisfy your needs. Be realistic in your budget.


How to save money on Tipi Wedding:

Tipi weddings are very popular these days. Excellent locations, mind-blowing themes are the USP of tipis. Both high and medium and low budget weddings can be planned. Even the small budget weddings can also be mind boggling. Here are the ways to save money on Tipi wedding without making it appear cheap –

1. Plan early – As soon as your wedding date gets finalized, plan the event. Jot down everything from making budget to finalizing suppliers beforehand to ensure everything goes as you have planned otherwise you might end up having just a few closable options in hand.

2. Seek help of friends and family – Allow your family and friends to help you in catering or music or setting up the venue. This will save your money.

3. Ditch a few wedding traditions – There are lots of wedding traditions and if you skip a few, you will surely end up saving more money.

4. Hire food trucks for catering – Keeping a food truck outside the tipi is an excellent idea. It offers a lot many varieties giving a treat to the taste buds of the guests.

5. Cut short your guest list – It is advisable to invite close friends and family members on your wedding to save money.

6. Plan wedding outdoor – Indoor weddings can be costly so it is better to plan wedding outdoor. Tipi weddings can keep the outdoor decorations minimum.


Everyone wants their wedding day to be a perfect one so Tipi wedding can be the ultimate choice.

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