Tired of those heels? Check these Lifesavers Out!

While shopping last weekend in some gorgeous, yet super painful heels, I complained to my husband yet again that I needed to buy some flip flops ASAP, my feet were killing me! My husband smirked and reminded me that the Guess sparkly heels I was wearing, had now cost him 2 pairs of shoes (I wore them out one night in Vegas and had to buy some flip flops or risk walking around completely barefoot! I wasn’t about to wear them for one more second!)


I don’t know how many times I do this to myself. I have a closet full of flip flops and flats, most bought because my heels had become too painful to walk in.


I remembered Footsyrolls I had heard about recently and really wished I had some rolled up in my purse to use at that moment! Footsyrolls are these super cute flats that can be rolled up into a little ball and stuffed in your bag for times when you can’t stand to wear your heels any longer!


I came home and checked out their website and was amazed with what a fabulous selection they had! I was expecting a plain pair of black or brown and not much else. They have dozens of super cute ballet flats in all different patterns and colors, including snake print (my favorite) floral, striped, and tie-dye. I had an incredibly hard time choosing just one! I wanted to buy several!


if you love heels like I do and wear them most of the time but find at the most inconvenient time, that you need a break NOW! Then you MUST get a pair of these! They only run about $20-$30! Wow! Right now they have a mothers deal going on where you get 30% off and they throw in some fashion tape as well! Use the promotion code MOM and check them out HERE.


Happy Shopping!

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