10 Tips on How to Best Style Your Jewelry with That Outfit

I admit I have way too many clothes but somehow still end up staring into my closet feeling like I have nothing to wear. It can take wayyyy too long to finally find that perfect outfit for the day and by the time I’ve finally chosen that perfect ensemble, I have zero time left to style my jewelry. But no outfit is complete without a few accessories and unfortunately even after spending all that time to find that perfect eye-catching outfit, if you style the jewelry wrong, it’s going to completely sabotage all that effort you just put into picking out that perfect look.

For many years I didn’t realize there is a method to styling jewelry to clothing. I had a few pieces I just pretty much wore all the time with whatever I was wearing and never really put any thought into it. The truth is styling jewelry is actually very easy once you understand the rules, and like having way too many clothes, you actually do need a few different pieces of jewelry in different lengths, and different subtlety to correctly complete your look. When the outfit is lacking something special, jewelry is the perfect thing to add to it for easy, instant style.


Tips for Perfectly Styling Your Jewelry to Your Outfit

1. I always start with the necklace. It is almost always one of most eye-catching pieces of your outfit and it will make the biggest difference in your overall look and whether you styled it right or styled it completely wrong.  It’s actually really easy to style, all you need to do is pay attention to the print and the neckline of your top or dress.

2. For a high (or T-shirt) neck, it’s best to go with a longer necklace or a bunch of layered necklaces in different lengths (one being long). I love this gorgeous Leather and Gold Crystal Pendant Necklace ($37) from 7 Charming Sisters. The leather gives it a more casual vibe, while the pretty elegant gold and crystal pendant really dress this necklace up (and the whole style of your outfit, for that matter!) Because of the juxtaposition of this necklace, it goes fabulously with dresses, nice work blouses, or even casual T-shirts or sweaters!  Also by wearing a necklace in this style, it doesn’t end up competing with your top, distracting the eyes. But instead adds to it, by giving the eyes a focal point on the outfit.

7 Charming sisters necklace and ring

3. Naturally then, if you’re wearing a deep V-neck blouse or dress, or a low cut style, go with a shorter necklace that will fall on the neck and not on your clothing. Pick something that is rounded and again won’t compete with the V shape of the top. You’ll also want to style this type of necklace with a strapless dress or top or go with no necklace at all.

4. Pay attention to the print of your top/dress as well as the neckline. If it is loud, stay away from any necklace that is too statement-making (the Bauble Necklace). You’re going to want to keep your necklace simple. A simple long chain necklace works great with a busy print. If your top/dress is also very vibrant in color, you may want to tone down the necklace here as well, so as not to distract from your amazing shirt.

If you’re top is simple and the print and/or color fall on the skirt, pants, or bottom half of the dress, feel free to play with a bold, statement necklace here! You can also do this when your whole outfit or dress is both on the simple side, with pale or neutral colors, and/or very minimal to no print.

5. Once you’ve got your necklace established, pick out your earrings. If your top/dress is vibrant or printed, and you’ve already picked your necklace, go with simple earrings. Stay away from anything super long and dangly (chandelier earrings) and pick a more sophisticated, yet simple elegant earring like a pearl, diamond, gold, or silver earring. Keep it on the small side so it doesn’t compete with your neckline.

6. If your style is pretty understated like mine above, and neither your necklace or top is too busy or eye-catching, (like my white sweater and leather pendant necklace here) go with a bolder, more colorful or bigger design. Hoops in gold, silver, or rose gold are always a great style that work for almost any outfit, just keep them on the thinner side if you’ve got a bold look going already with your outfit and necklace. Regardless of how your hair is styled, pay more attention to the style of your necklace and clothing for picking out your earrings.

7. Depending on the length of your sleeves, choose whether or not to wear a bracelet or watch. For long sleeves, anything on your wrist won’t be seen so pass on wrist bling. Here’s also where you really need to pay attention to your overall look.

8. If you’ve already got bold earrings, necklace, or a super bright, colorful, or busy print outfit, you’re going to want to keep the bracelets and watch super simple or completely pass on them all together. As the saying goes, less is more, and that certainly refers to your jewelry! I never wear a bracelet, earrings, necklace, and rings together. If I’m wearing a necklace and earrings, I skip the bracelet. If I’m wearing a bracelet and necklace, I skip the earrings. Jewelry should be on the simple, tasteful side, and should never compete with your outfit. Again here, if the other piece of jewelry your wearing is rather simple and so is your outfit, feel free to pile on the bracelets or go with a super bright, bold cuff, or a big blingy watch!  If you’ve alrady got a lot going on with your look, choose a simple chain bracelet or one single small bangle.

9. Rings! Like the rules above, keep rings simple if your look has already got a lot going on. If even after you’ve picked out your jewelry pieces and your outfit is still on the minimalist side, feel free to pile on the rings (I love adding a bunch of knuckle rings here too!) or wear a gorgeous big beautiful cocktail ring, but keep it limited to only one or two, as a handful of big bulky cocktail rings is going to look more gaudy than stylish and sophisticated.  I am absolutely head over heels for this gorgeous purple and silver Lighting Struck Twice Cocktail Ring ($27) from 7CharmingSisters.com. It is both extremely eye catching, yet with its beautiful classic shape, still so incredibly demure and elegant too.

10. When it’s cold outside and you’re bundling up in a jacket or coat, feel free to add a beautiful broach to bring a charming, yet eye-catching look, to an otherwise covered-up look. And since your necklace is hidden now anyway, and the bright bold print of your top or dress might as well add a fun piece of jewelry to make a statement even on the go!

7 Charming sisters necklace and ring
7 Charming sisters necklace and ring

Styling jewelry should be easy, and when in doubt, keep it on the simpler side. I once heard (and also believe) that some of the best jewelry advice out there is “Once your look is completed, take a piece of jewelry off, then you’re ready to go!” Again, Less is more, and always keep in mind that your jewelry should be adding to your outfit, not competing with it!

7 Charming sisters necklace and ring
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