5 Ways to Help a Friend With Grief and Loss

5 Ways to Help a Friend With Grief & Loss

5 Ways to Help a Friend With Grief and Loss

I recently lost a beloved pet, so I understand just how helpful this can be. Seeing a friend going through stages of grief is never easy. When they lose someone dear to them, it can be incredibly challenging for you to alleviate their emotional pain. Nonetheless, you want to help in any way possible to comfort your friend during their time of need.

While your actions and words can only do so much at the time, they’ll still soothe your friend in the long run. Little by little, your efforts can lessen the intensity of their grief and help them get back to life.

To help you through such a difficult scenario, here are five ways to support a friend with grief and loss.


1. Be Present for Them


Going through the varying stages of grief can look different for everyone. Some people don’t take much time to grieve and instead focus on tips for being productive, while others take a few days to process the sudden change. Regardless of the approach, sincere support from a dear friend goes a long way in helping them stay afloat.

Keeping this in mind, be present for your friend in a way that aligns with their comfort level. If staying with them at their home doesn’t disturb their sense of privacy, make it a point to do so. Similarly, if they only want to remain in contact through calls, give them their space.


2. Show Your Support Through Flowers


Since the first few weeks of loss can be incredibly daunting for anyone, it’s important that you find different ways to show your support. One of the most effective approaches comes in the form of sending flowers, which also holds a significant symbolic meaning for times of grief.

You can get a variety of funeral plants from reliable vendors and decide whether you want to take them to your friend in person or arrange a delivery. The latter option is especially suitable if you live far but still want to show your love and support to your friend. Since these options are available at different price points, they can easily cater to your budget.


3. Make It a Point to Listen


While observing a friend during their grieving period, it’s common to struggle with transforming your support into words. A grief support book can help you know exactly what to say and do to help with their pain. With that being said, sometimes it’s more important to simply listen and understand what your friend has on their mind.

Whether they are reminiscing the memories of their loved one or talking about the future plans that fell through, make it a point to hear them out. Similar to how social interaction helps you unwind in regular situations, this approach also helps your friend feel better at a dire time. In turn, they are able to feel more accepting of the loss that they have endured.


4. Cook Them a Meal


There are a few reasons for supporting your friend with meals during times of grief. In addition to providing much-needed sustenance to the bereaved, it also helps reduce their stress. Since eating the first few meals without a loved one can be a highly emotional experience, having a friend’s support also lets them feel a bit better.

One of the best ways to focus on mealtime is to cook something by yourself. If your friend is having trouble eating in a familiar setting, grab an empty picnic basket, fill it with their favorite foods, and take them to dine outdoors. The combination of good food and company can often work wonders towards soothing their sadness.


5. Indulge Them in Hobbies


Apart from choosing foods that help with stress, you can also explore different ways to help your friend out of their grief. This may include joining them in their favorite hobbies, even if said activity is as simple as watching TV or running with friends.

You can also turn to lighter approaches by purchasing a humorous card game or taking them to a stand-up comedy show. Depending upon your friend’s tastes, any of these ideas can help them see the brighter side of life. If you keep doing these activities at your friend’s pace, you will be able to help them through a highly difficult time of their life.

By looking into these tips, it’ll be easy to help your friend cope with their grief. This ensures that you can support them as they put their life back together after their loss.


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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Help a Friend With Grief & Loss”

  1. This is some really good advise/information but some time is hard. I have been in this position and you worry what to say etc etc and then you don’t say anything you are just there with them

  2. I think its so important for us to be there and support one anther more so during grief and loss of a loved one.

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