An Extremely Effective, and Safe Aid for Weightloss and a GIVEAWAY

Ahh the holidays, the lights, the jolly tunes, spending time with loved ones, and the food! Oh… the food… Yeah, unfortunately, holiday food can be killer. The sugary sweets, the super buttery and unfortunately uber-fattening comfort foods. Unfortunately, the holidays are about one of the quickest wrecks to any diet. It’s no wonder New Years, and Health and Weight-loss Resolutions quickly follow Christmas!

Luckily just because the holidays are here and it seems impossible to say no to all that yummy food, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy what you love (within reason of course!) and still lose some weight!

If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know that I find health and fitness very important and really try my best to exercise regularly and maintain my weight. I am certainly a foodie, and you can bet this time of year is extra hard for me. I’ve learned there are certain foods I just can’t keep in the house, and that baking is completely out of the question for me because I will eat that whole batch of cookies, usually within a day or two of making them!

Luckily, there are fabulous supplements on the market now that can really help you maintain or lose weight, even during the holidays. I’ve tried several different supplements this last year, but happily found my hands-down favorite choice recently when I tried CLA Superior.

There are tons of weight loss supplements out there, and sometimes it can be daunting and hard to choose, which is why I always find recommendations from others most helpful. Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard of this supplement before but was excited to try it out when I read that CLA can help you burn fat, reduce your waist size, promote muscle growth, give you better overall health, as well as help increase your metabolism.

It seems like most supplements on the market only decrease your appetite, so I was thrilled to see that CLA offers so many other aiding factors to help you shed those dreaded extra 10 pounds!

Also, what I didn’t realize is that many fat burners on the market only work for about 3-4 weeks, then you need to take a break. CLA actually works fabulously when taken continuously with no breaks. You need about three weeks to see results, so I tried out this product for the last month to really see what It could do for me!

The way CLA works is that it will aid the transport of fat into mitochondria of cells, where it is then burned as fuel. When burned here, it will also keep the body from storing more fat. The amount of fat the body is burning is then increased substantially, and also spares the muscles from breaking down. When your muscles are spared, your metabolism increases, which in turn further increases the speed at which you lose weight.

CLA is safe, healthy, and effective. It comes from natural safflower oil made from the purest quality. What I didn’t realize is that CLA is absolutely needed in the diet and most of us aren’t getting enough.

Ideally we each should be getting 3 grams of CLA per day, which means you would need to consume more than 7 pounds of beef in a day! Obviously, most of us are not getting that, so it makes sense that adding CLA to our diet can become very beneficial to aiding in weight loss.

CLA Superior contains 80% of pure CLA, which is the highest amount you will find available on the market today. It also meets the FDA standard and each ingredient is issued a certificate of analysis, so you know you are getting a safe, and healthy product. It is also made right here in the USA and extensive testing is done on each batch of product to make sure it is safe and effective!

When my CLA Superior supplements arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it out! I took two capsules first thing in the morning and then two more again at lunch, everyday for the last month. I missed a few times but for the most part did pretty good at remembering to take them. I also combined it with healthy eating (for the most part, I did have Thanksgiving over this period!) as well as trying to work out regularly.

It only took a few days before I started to notice my appetite the most. While this product doesn’t say it is an appetite suppressant, I noticed right away that I was eating less at meals. I would still feel about the same level of hunger throughout the day, but when I would sit down to eat, I found I was eating smaller and smaller meals and feeling fuller much faster (and I’m an insanely quick eater so the fact that I was feeling full before finishing my plate seemed pretty crazy and amazing to me!)

I noticed when juicing while taking this product that my stomach felt nearly flat too, and no bloating, which is huge for me. I seem to experience a lot of bloating from most food, and I know that Juicing helps me feel better, but it seemed my stomach felt even much flatter than normal while juicing in combination with taking CLA Superior.

I also weighed myself in the beginning and actually lost about 3 pounds this month. I’m actually at my goal weight so I’m not trying to lose weight, just maintain it, especially over the holidays, so I was actually really thrilled to see this number when I stepped on the scale today. Especially because I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas on Sunday, where I gorged myself on some amazing food for 4 days!

Overall, I’ve had amazing benefits using this product. While I tend to not pay much attention to the scale, but mostly to how I feel and how well my clothes fit. I noticed that some of my tighter jeans have felt a little looser, even after Thanksgiving and a total foodie vacation this last week! I’ve been slacking on my workouts the last few weeks so I was thrilled to see that instead of gaining weight and my clothes fitting tighter, they’ve actually felt looser and I’ve shed a couple of pounds! I’m actually amazed and somewhat dumbfounded by these results! This is certainly a product I will be using for years to come!

One thing I absolutely have to mention too is that CLA will not affect your mood in anyway! I’ve been using Garcinia Cambogia a bit this year and found that the stuff totally puts me on edge and I’m quick to anger. I experienced absolutely nothing like that while using CLA Superior. My mood stayed completely neutral, and I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary, except that my body felt better, looked better, and the product helped me stay on track to maintaining my weight over the holidays!

If you would like to purchase CLA Superior for yourself, you can find them on Amazon and pick up a 30 day supply for only $28! The product also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as a FREE weight-loss guide E-book, and a 30 day ticket to their concierge program, where you can get FREE expert advice from personal trainers and nutritionists to help you on your weight-loss journey!

You can also learn more about CLA and its benefits by visiting this site here:

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