How to Free up your Weekends from House Cleaning for Good

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Housecleaning is the pits. It’s never been how I’ve wanted to spend my weekend, that’s for sure! But many of us find ourselves with only time to spend 3-4 hours giving the house a good cleaning, on either Saturday or Sunday!  I’m used to living single, with no kids, just a couple of cats, so housecleaning hasn’t been too bad, I can’t complain. But my boyfriend recently moved in and I can’t believe how much dirtier my house is now. And he’s really pretty clean! I’ve had to figure out some ways to keep the weekend cleaning to a minimum so I can spend it outside enjoying the nice warm spring weather that has finally sprung up in here in Utah!

Do a Little Cleaning Each Day

This might sound obvious, or not that fun, but it really does make a difference. I’m not saying to designate dusting for Monday, vacuuming for Tuesday, etc, either. I’m saying, when you see something’s dirty, clean it! But I’m taking it a step further than just that too. Obviously, things don’t always look dirty but they are, so this doesn’t work if you truly want a clean house. You still need to make yourself clean even when it seems clean. You most likely know the last time it was cleaned, (because it was probably you who cleaned it last- busy, Mom who does it all!), So you’ll know about when it needs to be cleaned.

Clean up After Using Appliances

One of the best ways to go about this is to clean up after you use something. For example, after cooking, I wipe down the countertops and sinks. After washing my face at night in the bathroom sink, I wipe down the sink, faucet, and countertop with my towel. I do this almost daily so my kitchen and bathroom almost always look spotless, and it only takes a few minutes a day!

Use Products that Clean for You

I spray down my shower with an after-shower cleaner each time I take a shower (this makes a big difference!). And then I almost never have to scrub the tub out. Seriously, it works!  I also use those toilet stickies that stick inside the bowl and release cleaning solution every time the toilet is flushed.  I find I still need to give the bowl a good wipe down once a week or so, but this certainly helps a bunch, and my bathroom almost always looks clean. And in the bathrooms that don’t get used much, they almost always look clean and I rarely have to touch them!

Invest in Cleaning Tools that Work Efficiently 

I have found that a good microfiber duster works miracles for keeping dust down and actually collecting it without just spreading it around. They aren’t that expensive, but they make a world of difference. I only have to dust every couple of weeks while using one, but I do try to dust the more lived-in areas, like the living room, a bit more frequently. Some other areas of the house like the spare bedroom hardly get dusty and I can ignore those areas for longer.

How to Free up your Weekends from House Cleaning for Good

Buy an Oreck. Seriously. I recently got to try out my first Oreck, the Oreck Elevate Command – specifically for allergy sufferers – and I’m completely sold! It has incredibly strong suction so you’re going to get more dirt picked up and your house is going to stay cleaner for longer. This vacuum also drives itself! When I first tried it out on my big area rug in my living room, it literally took off itself! I have to use minimal effort with this vacuum and can get the vacuuming done so much faster because it is super fast and moves along carpet, hard floors with crazy fast power!

Check out my video review of the Oreck Elevate Command below:

Oreck vacuum’s are also made right here in the USA! I really love the chic, industrial look of it too! My Elevate Command comes with bags, so you can trap in the allergens and get them completely out of your home. It has incredible powerful allergen-trapping performance that works on all floors!  And it captures 99% of ALL allergens!

My spring allergies have started hitting and my Oreck is helping keep them down dramatically in my home! I’ve hardly noticed them so far! I use it in my lived-in areas a couple times a week, and it’s helped tremendously, and my floors stay and look so clean!

The Oreck has incredible suction power and I find I only need to hit each spot once so it saves on time and energy as well! Speaking of saving energy, the Oreck Elevate Command is half the weight of other vacuums! Literally so light I can lift it up over my head with one hand, no problem!

Want to try out the Oreck Elevate Command for yourself?

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*Thank you Oreck for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

31 thoughts on “How to Free up your Weekends from House Cleaning for Good”

  1. Working from home for the last year makes keeping the house clean much more important for my mental health. Doing a little cleaning every day has worked great for me.

  2. The 3 bedroom house we live in is easy peasy , we have a dishwasher, Roomba named Scooby -Doo and electric washer and dryer so this house is easy to keep clean.

  3. These are some helpful tips. I usually make it a goal to spend 15 minutes each day picking up and tidying our living room. My biggest problem area, though, is the kitchen. I’ve been making meals ahead of time in larger batches (to freeze) so I can save on cleanup time each evening.

  4. The “little at a time” method actually works for people like me who procrastinate on large projects. D:

  5. Thank you for the great tips, I do some of them, but will be adding the rest in along with them now. I have allergy problems and hate taking medications for them.

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