The Perfect Tool for Keeping your Car Cool in the Summer Heat

Hey lovelies, the warm weather is quickly approaching, and if like me, you dread getting into those hot cars! Unfortunately I have more cars than garage space, so my little BMW tends to sit out in the hot sun all summer long. Thanks to the black interior, when I get into my car on those hot sunny days, Ouch! Not fun! So hot!!

Well I’ve just recently found away around this. Even if you’re lucky enough to get a garage to park your car in, when you take it out to run errands or for a day of fun, chances are your car is going to be sitting in the hot sun. Kulcar by Sonray Technology has designed a solar power device you can easily attach to the window of your car, to use energy from the sun to blow out the hot air in your car, and leave your car at room temperature!

What?! I know right, I had no idea this existed and when I first heard about it I was completely intrigued! That’s right Kulcar will actually blow the hot air out of your car while sitting in the sun (thanks to the sun’s energy) and leave you with a car at room temperature when you return to it after it’s been sitting out in the sun for the day.

When My Kulcar Car Cooler arrived, I couldn’t wait to test it out. The sun has been warming up here and my car has been getting hotter by the day sitting out in the sun. I installed the Kulcar (it takes about 10-15 minutes to cut to fit the rubber strips so that you get a perfect fit with your car) and then you just quickly attach it to your window on those hot days and that’s it! (Please note you must have square windows for the Kulcar to work with your car. Most sedan’s, SUV’s, and trucks will work but coupe’s generally will not).
Here you can see the handy instructions come on the box, and it’s really simple to do. You’re basically just cutting the strips to fit your window, and that’s it (See my how-to-install videos at the bottom of this post).
Once installed, it will look like this:
And here’s what it looks like installed from the inside of your car. (See my video below to see the fan power you will get out of this handy car cooler!)
Here’s what you get with the version 2 you didn’t get in version 1 (The Stopper and Rain Cover):
Kulcar Solar Powered Car Cooler
And when you don’t want to use the stopper, just click it to the back of the solar panel (shown here):
Kulcar Solar Powered Car Cooler
Have I got you interested?! See these videos below to see just how quickly and easy it is to set this up in your car when you want to take it out for the day!
See my Video for the quick and easy install of the Kulcar Version 2 here:

Here’s what’s going in your car, when Kulcar is working:

You will be amazed at how easy to use this awesome car cooling product is, as well as how cool it actually will keep your car! My car has stayed at a nice room temperature, even on days where we have come close to 70 Degrees with lots of sunshine (my car would normally be sweltering!) The 90 second total air replacement of the air in your car thanks to using Kulcar, will keep the air fresh and cool! Not only that, but did you know that your interior, seats, etc give off harmful fumes when heated by sitting in the sun!? I had no idea! By pushing out the hot air in your car, Kulcar will also keep YOU from being subjected to these harmful pollutants your car is putting off when sitting out in the sun! It will also reduce the deterioration of your car interior as well!

Also with version 2 of the Kulcar, you can quickly add the stopper to your solar panel to turn it off when you don’t want it on, like when you’re sitting in your car. You can also quickly install the rain cover to keep your car window tightly sealed when in use, in case some rain comes along when you’ve left your car with the Kulcar still attached to your window.


Interested in purchasing this awesome car cooling solar powered system up for your self? You can find the newest version Here on Amazon.

Also be sure to checkout Kulcar and Sonray Technology on Facebook, as well as follow Kulcar on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google, to stay up to date on their new products, promotions, sales, and discounts!

*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and options expressed in this post and videos, are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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  1. I really want this! I don’t have a garage, and the summer temps. average in the low 100’s. This would be perfect for me.

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