A Quick & Colorful Way to Dramatically Change Up Your Look: Pinky Paradise Color Contact Lens

I’ve been wearing contacts for about 10 years now, and if you’re a fellow contacts wearer, you know it can get super boring at best. The tedious putting them in, taking them out. However, it still beats glasses though, right?

I had heard of colored contacts and tried to get my hands on some way back but it turned out to be such a pain dealing with my eye doctor that I decided to just forget about it, and then never thought much about it again.

Well a few months ago I was hit up by a lovely company that focuses on just selling colored circle lenses. I was beyond thrilled when they asked if I would like to work with them because it brought back that memory of trying to get some bright blue colored lenses in the past that I was never able to get. I was really excited to find out more about this company as I had never heard of them, as well as finally take the boring out of wearing contacts and brighten up my routine as well as my look with some beautiful bright blue lenses!

The company is called Pinky Paradise. They specialize just in colored lenses, or circle lenses (although you can pick up fabulous eye accessories as well as makeup from them too!) In fact, do you have astigmatism like I do? You will be happy to hear you can even pick up specialized toric colored lenses from them too!

Pinky Paradies offers an amazing selection of colored lenses. You can find every shade of blue and green, as well as fun colored lenses such as pink, purple, red, yellow, and different shades of ambers and browns (Remember them come Halloween! Colored contact lenses are a great way to really add to that Halloween Costume!)

They make the shopping experience super easy too. You can shop by brand, color, effect, even by your prescription and diameter as well. What I love most is that you can pick a lens, and then it will show several pictures taken from their customers showing how the lenses look in their eyes. That way you can get a really good understanding of what they will look like in your eyes (depending on the wearer having light or dark eyes, that are around the same color as yours).

I went right to the blues and wanted to try a bunch of different shades of blue. But honestly, now that  I got them, I wish I would have branched out with some of other shades such as a bright green or even purple. (Stay tuned for my Halloween post where I will be wearing some funky shades of circle lenses from Pinky Paradise!)

The lovely people of Pinky Paradise were kind enough to let me try a pair of toric lenses for my astigmatism as well as couple of their regular circle lenses.


First up, is the Toric lenses for astigmatism. I got them in Mi Dali Extra Blue, which is a bright blue lens. I have natural light blue eyes, that sometimes change to green depending on what I’m wearing. I went with this shade because I really wanted to enhance the blue.

What I found is they made my eyes a gorgeous shade of teal, which is my favorite color. I was beyond thrilled with the color of these lenses. Why they still look completely natural and pretty similar to my eye color, it changes it up just enough that people take notice and compliment my eye color!

For the Toric lenses, any of you who wear them know that they are much heavier, and can be really hard to wear. I hated toric lenses at first when I first found out I had astigmatism. I hated them so much, I refused to wear them and stuck with my old regularly prescription as long as I possibly could.

Luckily a few years later when I absolutely had to go back to the doctor and get my new prescription, luckily toric lenses had come a long way in that time and were now lighter and easier to wear.

Much like the toric lenses you buy anywhere else, the toric lenses from Pinky Paradise are pretty much the same. They can be a little hard to wear as they are heavier and tend to move around a little bit here and there.

I put my pretty blue Pinky Paradise toric lenses in and wore them around for the day. I did notice them throughout the day as they would move around, but they stayed in and looked amazingly chic for the whole day.

After trying out the regular circle lenses though, I can see nearly as well in them, and they are so much easier and more comfortable to wear. As far as wearing color contact lenses in the future, I will just stick with the regular circle lenses (plus they are much cheaper) and forgo the toric lenses. But it was great to try them both out to see the difference.

Toric Lenses for Astigmatism:
Mi Dali Extra Blue $49:


Here I’m wearing the regular circle lenses in a pretty sky blue. They make my eye color appear lighter and I love the pretty greenish yellow around the iris’s I get wearing this shade.

This lens was super easy and comfortable to wear. I put them in in the morning, wore them around all day doing my usual activities, sitting at my computer, working out, running errands, and they hold up wonderfully. They are super comfortable that most of the time I forgot I even had them in. I loved knowing they spice up my look just a little bit and make people notice that something is different about be, but they can’t quite place it.

Circle Lenses:
GBT Sky $19.90:


Lastly, I tried out the Shiny Aqua circle lenses. They are indeed aqua! I love the rich color you get out of these. They certainly make people take notice! They are fun and playful and really make your eyes pop, not doubt about that! I absolutely love the color for a fun change and love that it get’s so many compliments from people too, because the color is so incredibly unique.

These lenses were also very comfortable to wear and I wore them around all day and had no complaints on wearing them! They feel just like regular lenses except people will take notice. I love that the color is so powerful, on days where I don’t feel like wearing makeup, you really don’t even need to with these lenses. They make such a statement, it’s a great lazy girls way to get ready for the day. Pop these babies in and take it easy on the make up, or if you’re feeling brave, go without the makeup for the day! You may find you don’t even need it!

If like me, you love your makeup and love experimenting with different looks, you will love how fun these colored contact lenses are, and how fun it can be to make up your face around and compliment your look.

 G&G Shiny Aqua $25.90:


Overall, I had an amazing experience with Pinky Paradise’s Circle colored lenses. I will no doubt be ordering more from them in the future, and can’t wait to try out some more colors, even out of the blue family!

If you like playing with different looks or maybe are just bored of the same old contacts routine, then you should really try out some of these playful colored lenses to really spice up your look and add some playfulness and fun to the everyday!

Be sure to check out PinkyParadise.com today!

Happy Shopping!

*I was given these products for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

31 thoughts on “A Quick & Colorful Way to Dramatically Change Up Your Look: Pinky Paradise Color Contact Lens”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try colored contact lenses! I wear glasses sometimes but have never tried contacts! My eyes are green but I’d like to try a blue colored contact! I was thinking of trying contacts out for Halloween!

  2. Pinky Paradise has some really pretty colored contact lenses! I particularly like the Vassen Dolly Plus Red colored contacts! They are a fiery red color and they look awesome on the model!

  3. These are really cool! I’ve never worn contacts but my sister does and eventually my daughter will but I remember the first time my sister got contacts and it was a nightmare. I might have her show me so I can wear red contacts for Halloween!

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous. I love that they aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. They have contacts for astigmatism, which is excellent. These would also be awesome additions to a cute Halloween outfit, too 🙂

  5. I have been wearing contacts for years and the last yearly check up I had my eye dr informed me that he cod no longer get the brand of contacts that I had been wearing for years. He did have one company that he could get colored contacts from and that he was using for his patients that wear the colored lenses so I ordered from them, or my eye dr did on my behalf. When I got them I felt that they looked like something for Halloween. They were not like what I was use to at all. Therefore I am going to look at Pinky Paradise and see what they have but my question to you is I did not know that if you have an astigmatism that you can still wear the regular lenses and not the lenses made for astigmatism and still see well. And how did you know to even try the regular contacts ?

    1. Hi Christy. Thank you so much for your comment. I just went off my PRX where it says my sphere and cylinder and entered those numbers when picking out contacts. I can’t see quite as clearly as I would with astigmatics lenses, but for the most part, I can really quite good out of them. Good enough that I can wear them all day 🙂 Hope this helps! Also I have a post coming up this week where I tried out some more colored lenses from them! Purple and green. Stay tuned!

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