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Blame Sugar, because It’s Most Likely the Culprit: MorningPep Xylitol

It wasn’t that long ago I started running into a whole lot of health problems.. uhh.. down there. I was getting continual UTI’s and nasty yeast infections too. After several visits to the doctor and rounds and round of antibiotics, I was getting so frustrated that Western Medicine was only treating the symptoms and not helping me get to the root of the problem.

So, I decided to try homeopathy. While being hooked up to a machine that tests your body in a way that your body gives the answers, (I know it sounds a bit hokie if you haven’t tried this before – but bare with me here!) I found some homeopathic drops to help my body fight both the viral and bacterial infections, that was causing my body to become susceptible to these health problems.

I wasn’t surprised to see that my body was having trouble fighting off both viral and bacterial infections, given the circumstances and the health issues I was facing, seemed like the most rational explanation! But what I was super surprised to find out was another big factor in getting sick, through my naturopathic treatments? Sugar! Sugar was the MAIN culprit for ALL of the nasty illnesses down there I had been experiencing regularly for the past 4-5 years!

Yep, my body was having a tough time processing sugar, and that added to the regular PB and J I was eating each day for lunch, was actually causing the yeast infections! because for those of you that have never made bread before, sugar makes yeast grow. It does that inside your body too!

But guess what? The sugar was causing the constant Urinary Tract Infections I was having too?! HOW would sugar cause this?! Well, you see, when my body was getting invaded with bacteria and viral nasties, it was too busy focusing its energy on getting rid of the half a bag of Cadbury mini eggs I ate earlier that day! So while my body was trying hard to fight the sugar, the viral and bacterial pathogens invaded and settled in, and eventually won the battle – and I got sick. Again.

I know many of us already know some of the dangers of too much sugar in the diet. Diabetes for one, obesity – even bigger yikes for some of us! But when I started researching sugar, I was surprised to learn just how many health ailments it’s really responsible for! Google it! You’ll be shocked and never want to touch the scary white stuff again!

Well, I am a professed sugar-aholic and even though I now (especially) know just how bad it is for me, I just can’t give it up. I’ve tried and failed too many times to count! I crave it and usually cave in at least once every day.

Well, if you can’t beat it, roll with it right?! – or however the saying goes! So my only option at this point was finding a substitute. If you’ve tried sugar substitutes, you know how nasty the aftertaste can be and some, in fact, come with their own health problems too.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before I came across Xylitol by MorningPep. OMG You guys- hello godsend! This is the ultimate answer to brownie-aholic prayers! The sweet little sugar substitute not only has absolutely NO aftertaste (like all the rest, it seems!) but it’s got 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbs too! (and it’s great for those of you who follow the keto diet!).

Watch my youtube video to learn more about Xylitol Here:

But GET THIS – Xylitol is actually GOOD for your health! Yep, don’t crane your neck and lean in closer to the screen, you actually read that right! It’s good for you! It actually fights some of the nasty bacteria that gets in your mouth and causes tooth decay and bad breath! Eating Xylitol reguarly can actually help your body fight the cavities and gingivitus everyday! So as you probably guessed, your dentist loves Xylitol too! Just ask her!

But there’s more! It’s good for bone health too! Studies have shown that Xylitol helps slow bone loss of bone tissue and actually protects it! It helps to slow down the loss of bone volume too!

Blame Sugar, because It's Most Likely the Culprit: MorningPep Xylitol

Xylitol will be your next household name too! Why? Because you can use it as a toothpaste, mouth rinse, even cleanser and exfoliant for your face and skin to help rid nasty zit-inducing bacteria, so you’ll actually have a clearer complexion too!

Check out the MorningPep Xylitol Page here on Amazon to get the super easy Xylitol recipes!

Blame Sugar, because It's Most Likely the Culprit: MorningPep Xylitol

Xylitol, of course, makes a great substitute anywhere you would use sugar! I love adding a tsp into my morning coffee and oatmeal, and in place of sugar when baking my favorite brownies!

Blame Sugar, because It's Most Likely the Culprit: MorningPep Xylitol

Since using my new homeopathic remedies and consuming Xylitol regularly over the last year, I’m happy to report a big fat ZERO in health issues down there! (and I was getting them about every 2-3 months!) Yep, no icky yeast infections (because my body isn’t being consumed with as much sugar to fight), and no more excruciatingly painful UTI’s in the last year either (because my body isn’t too busy fighting off sugar to deal with the real problems!)

My mouth is happy because it doesn’t feel like I’m missing out either! I still get to satisfy my sweet tooth, just in a healthier way! Oh, and no cavities at all in the last year either!

Want to learn more and try out and reap all the benefits of using Xylitol from MorningPep too? Check them out at MorningPep.com today!

You can also purchase Xylitol from MorningPep here on Amazon!

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Have you tried Xylitol before? What’s been your experience! Comment below, I love hearing from you!

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126 thoughts on “Blame Sugar, because It’s Most Likely the Culprit: MorningPep Xylitol”

  1. That’s really interesting that you’re using xylitol as a sugar replacement. I would’ve never thought that was a thing.

  2. Sugar is a major disease link.
    Also processing of sugar cane is a huge huge destroyer of the environment and eco system here in South Coastal Florida and beyond.
    And, I work to educate and research big bad sugar. ONE effect is coral bleaching and destruction of our unique coral reefs. Ticks me off…and, I am using a nice word. 🙂

  3. I am so grateful for this blog!
    I have never tried Xylitol before and am so happy to know it’s out there! I really need all the help I can get. I have had type 2 Diabetes for 5 years and it’s taken a lot out of me. I have a downfall when it comes to sweets! I need to eliminate sugar all together but it’s been so hard and now I know why I’m getting tons of yeast infections!
    It’s time to get my act together because like you said, it’s because my body is too busy fighting sugar instead of what it’s really supposed to be doing!
    Thanks so much for the information. I will put it to good use!

  4. I’ve always been the dessert maker but recently I’ve been bringing home leftovers from family dinners instead of an empty pan. Everyone is cutting down on sugar for various health reasons. I definitely need to try Xylitol.

  5. I recently been craving sugar.Dont even want meals.I used to use artificial sweeteners but was getting terrible stomach aches and switched to flavored creamers and now I crave more sugar.Would love trying this

  6. Paula Pennachio

    This is something we need to be able to have choices. My Dad needs to try this. Looks great. It will probably be perfect for a lot of people

  7. Paula Pennachio

    This is something we need to be able to have choices. My Dad needs to try this. It will probably be perfect for a lot of people

  8. Yes, carbs in general are my issue. Loving that there are new wats to substitute rather than substain!

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I, too, had my own problems with sugar. The main problem being weight gain. I was starting to get in shape, moving past just working out and wanting to eat better. I switched to a bunch of different sugar substitutes and nothing tasted good! Then I found Pyure, and I love it! But this sounds good, too! I’d love to try it. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Michele Hartshaw

    Very good article, glad I found this – and thank you for the opportunity to win a $400 beauty giveaway!

  11. Patricia Wright

    I haven’t tried it before because I had never heard of it before. But now that I know I can get it on Amazon I will have to try it

  12. Adriana Gonzalez

    This is my first time hearing about Xylitol. I’ve recently looked into everything I was eating and getting rid of things that can do harm to my body but just like you I have a huge sweet tooth, I’d have to look into getting this soon.

  13. I love how many different options they are coming out with to help the fight against sugar! This seems like another great solution!

  14. thanks for sharing about the issues you were having. I hate taking meds and also prefer a more natural approach to things.

  15. Lindsey Tanberg

    It has been quite a task to find healthy and natural sugar alternatives,this looks like the product I’ve been searching for.

  16. I have not tried Xylitol before, but would like to especially since I start my mornings off drinking coffee with {probably} too much sugar in it. 😉

  17. Unfortunately I can’t afford $25 for a lb of sugar, but I do try to keep my sugar intake low and use Stevia.

  18. You always have such great information about products. I don’t use much sugar more, but would like to try this. Follow you on Instagram as Andygal78, twitter as jmdaniel1

  19. I have not tried this but did give up sugar a few years back. I have not had any cookies,cakes or sweets and do not miss them.

  20. Once I start eating sugar, I can’t stop. Anything that will allow me to cut down on the amount I consume plus be satisfied is something I definitely want to try.

  21. We are making an effort to cut sugar a lot, that and all of the crap with high fructose corn syrup. I am going to have to give this a try, I have tried monk sugar and many others that I am not happy with.

  22. it actually is amazing all this stuff it can do for you, fighting cavities and bone loss are both important things for someone my age.

  23. This is so informative and more people need to know to take care of their health correctly. Thank you i will look into buying a substitute.

  24. As I got older I eliminated sugar and cut down on carbs in my diet. I’m going to let my sister who is diabetic know about xylitol. I want to try it for my bones and as a face scrub. Thanks for all the info in this post and your video.

  25. For informative and makes complete sense. Something I would have never thought of but could definitely benefit from. Thank you so much for sharing.

  26. Sandra McFadden

    Thank you for sharing I have cut a great deal of sugar out of my lifestyle. I try to get my sweet with more natural sweeteners and fruits..I suffer from three types of arthritis so important to be rid of the extra sugar as it causes more inflammation in my body. Thank you for sharing I am going to have to give this a try.

  27. This really interests me since I am a diabetic. Sugar is scary especially for us who have to watch it so closely.

  28. I stopped using sugar in my coffee. I only use liquid creamer. Just doing that I’ve lost @ less 25lbs. And I feel so much better. I have not tried your sugar. But I think it would be great in ice tea? And that I would like to try. Thanks so much y’all

  29. Sugar is definitely addictive. I mean, it’s incredibly hard to cut it from your diet because you experience withdrawal. I haven’t tried Xylitol, but I sure would.

  30. Christina Gould

    I’ve never heard of this brand. I’d love to try it. I’m always on the lookout for sugar alternatives. Thanks for posting!

  31. gloria patterson

    Sugar is my biggest weakness……………………. I have been slowly cutting it out of my life, I do slip up once in a while. But I need to check into this.

  32. It never fails to amaze me how our bodies know when something isn’t right. I’m learning to listen more and use Xylitol!

  33. Jeanine Bevacqua

    I haven’t tried using xylitol before but I hadn’t heard that it helped with bone loss. I’m going to research this further with my bone doc! Thanks!

  34. Dorothy Boucher

    This sounds like a wonderful product to use , I don’t use sugar in most of my food, Not saying I don;t have sugar. This product sounds like something I would definitely use in my tea and baking.

  35. I knew sugar was bad but I didn’t think it was really that bad. Looks like I’m gonna have to check into getting some of this.

  36. I have a family member who gets UTI’s all the time. I never heard that sugar could be the culprit. Thanks for posting!

  37. Very interesting! I use a natural toothpaste with xylitol, so it’s nice to know that I’m using a good product.

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