Tips for Sleeping Cool during Hot Summer Nights

Tips for Sleeping Cool during Hot Summer Nights

Summer is a wonderful season, with lots of sun, water sports, cool outfits, and ice cream! But, nothing is perfect, so there are some downsides as well. For me, the worst part of summer is the night – when it’s so hot outside that your own bed seems made of flames and you sweat in buckets. Not to mention that the feel of moist sheets on your body is incredibly annoying! This is one of the main reasons why I purchase a mattress from

Luckily, there are ways to avoid this summer night hell and get that well-deserved rest! After all, there’s nothing worse than fidgeting in bed after a full day of fun!

Pay Attention to your Bedding

I know, you would rather choose the sexy touch of satin or the luxurious feel of wool, but for hot summer nights, I say it’s best to stick with the good old cotton. It may be a boring material, but organic cotton is healthy, it is breathable and promotes ventilation while keeping the skin dry.

So, put the high-end sheet away and bring out the cotton! You’ll feel fantastic from the first night, I guarantee it!

Get a Special Mattress

While most mattresses are designed with a cooling system (special gels, coils, or even channels cut in foam), there are some surfaces created with hot summer nights in mind. These are the best for hot sleepers because they are actively drawing out heat from the surface and wick the humidity away.

As a result, you get to sleep cool and enjoy your summer dreams.

The Egyptian Method

These guys had to put up with so much heat during their days that they actually invented a method to improve comfort without the use of AC. The secret is to damp a sheet or towel in cold water right before you go to sleep and use it as a blanket. I would also recommend adding a dry layer in between the damp sheet and the mattress, to avoid getting water in it.

Speaking of a wet sheet, you can also hang one in front of the open window – as the air goes in, it will cool down, providing you with a cool summer breeze.

The Ice Box Method

Well, it’s more of an ice bowl method, but the idea comes from ancient times, when people used blocks of ice instead of refrigerators. All you need is a fan, and a bowl of ice. Now, start the fan and point it at the ice, with the airflow directed towards the bed area – to avoid getting any headaches, set the fan speed to low and enjoy the cold air that comes your way.

Sleep Alone

If this is an option, I recommend you take it and enjoy it to the maximum. I know you like spooning and cuddling, but during hot summer nights the last thing you need is another body to increase your temperature.

If you have the possibility to sleep in separate beds, you should do it. There will be plenty of time in the fall and winter to show how much you love each other.

Get Comfortable

The quality of your sleep is directly connected to your comfort so don’t be stingy on this. Start with the cotton sheets and continue with light pajamas (also cotton) that let the skin breathe. Of course, there are some mattress hacks you can try to improve your level of comfort as well. The idea is to be creative and think outside the box.

In Conclusion

Sleep is very important for your health, which is why I recommend creativity when it comes to cooling down on hot summer nights. AC is great during the day, but many people don’t like to have it running at night (myself included).

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