Vertical Abs Workout With Pull Up Bar or Monkey Bars

Hey lovelies! Looking for a good abs work out! Try these 7 different workouts sure to work your abs hard, from Jill Franklin founder of Aerial PhysiqueAll you need is a pull up bar or some monkey bars!


Killer Abs Workout:

1)   VERTICAL HOLLOW BODY POSITION– beginning position with your arms extended straight with your legs hanging. 

killer abs workout on pull up bar

2)   VERTICAL TUCKS– engage your abs and bring your knees to your chest, pause then bring them down to our original hollow body position. X 20 

3)   VERTICAL OBLIQUE TWISTS– take your knees and point them to the right, and tuck them up towards your chest. Return to starting position, then proceed with the other side. Alternate sides. X 10 on each side

4)   VERTICAL TUCK N EXTEND– tuck your knees into your chest, then extend your legs out in front of you, as straight as you possibly can. Keep your legs in line with your hips in an “L” shape. Then tuck back into your chest, and bring your legs down to starting/hanging position. X 10

5)   PIKE LIFTS– point your legs straight and forward, then engage your core and pull them in as close as you can to your face. This should create a V shape with your body, then bring your legs down and repeat. X 20 

6)   FLUTTER KICKS– begin with straight legs kick one leg up and the other still, alternate each leg as if you are kicking into water. X 20 reps total. 

7)   SCISSORS– lift your legs and get back into your “L” shape. Criss cross your legs alternating one over the other. X 20 


Happy Working Out!


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